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Help! to install a HDD on a Mac Pro to run Time Machine


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There is a mention on the box of the SAMSUNG HD 501 LJ Serial ATA Hard Disk


- Windows XP, ME, 2000; 98, NT

- Mac OS and Linux

The Installation Guide gives instructions for :

- Installing the hard disk drive

- Setting the system BIOS

- Partitioning and formatting

- Installing the OS

but I think these instructions only apply to PC running Windows, am I wrong?

My intention is to instal above mentionned HD as an internal "time Machine" back-up drive

on my Mac Pro Intel Dual Core 2,66 GHz running Leopard (Mac Os 10.5);


After Insertion of the HDD into an available bay and connection of the Sata and power cables,

will the hard disk drive automatically be recognized by the Mac OS,

allowing me to use the "disk utilities" to format as required?

If NOT, how should I proceed ?

I thank you very much in advance for your valuable orientation.

Greetings from Belgium


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