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ATI Radeon X1900 XT question

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search term="insanelymac <whatever you want to search for here>"


this is the best way to search this site, and the best way to get feedback. Usually there are one or two long threads that can give you a definitive answer, and almost immediately too. It is by far the best way to gather information.

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If it came out of a G5 stay the hell a way from it.

fact is that bios versions of a PC card and a G5 card are verry different and not compatible .

if you put it in a PC it will not give you an image just ablank screen. the ati bios tool will reconise it do

if you flash it with a PC bios rom think it would work in a PC

but here is the chatch the mac cars are not normal x 1900 XT cards oke ehm g5 cards are in fact fire gl cards.

beleive me used to be a pc-> mac rom hacker same story with the x800 and the 9800xt there all fire gl cards

if you took a fire gl and flashed it with a orginal mac rom it would work perfectly in a agp/ pci mac because they have the same device ID

Any way the x1900XtX i got works great in osx :rolleyes:) just install the jccool driver for x1900/1950xt cards

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