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[Wanted] Hackintosh to replace dead iMac


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Well, My Imac 17" core duo decided to pack up and to be honest this was my first mac from the great switch over from windows PC's and I'm not convinced by the hardware. I am used to being able to disassemble/replace parts easily to keep downtime to a minimum, so I've decided an iMac is not for me and a Mac Pro is way too expensive.


I'm in the UK so this is a UK only sale / trade.


What I want:


Either to trade my dead imac for a hackintosh PC (dont need monitor) faulty iMacs are still worth a good few hundred pounds mine is in excellent cosmetic condition, boxes manuals etc. are all there.


OR to purchase a hackintosh PC here (needs to be 100% compatible - sound / video / LAN / wireless (if appropriate) dual monitor etc.) and be a good performer comparable at least to the iMac.


Please let me know what you've got for sale, and if you want to know more about my iMac you can see my topic in the hardware forum and the specs are 17" Core Duo 1.83GHz, 2GB Ram, superdrive.


Please email me at jimeney AT gmail DOT com.



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Laptop Gateway m685-E (laptop)

2.0GHz Intel C2D

17" ultrabright LCD screen

2GB ram

160GB hard drive

DVD superdrive

geforce 7600go


Everything works except external monitor plug and mic input.


Also FS


1.8GZ C2D desktop

1GB ram

160GB Hardrive

dvd burner

geforece 6600 dual screen working

onboard sound working 2 channel only.


this one dual screen works.





Give me pm if interested.

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