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    {Guide} DELL INSPIRON N5110

    If you hit F12 at bios and wait a few seconds once the boot device selection menu shows, then select hard disk, the BIOS will initialise the drive in the caddy and it will show as a partition on your bootloader. This works for me with OSX in the internal drive, Windows 8 on the Caddy drive, both SSDs
  2. So long as your warranty means nothing, and you're not afraid to open the thing up and perform a few minor upgrades (adding ram, replacing mini pci-express wireless card) then the acer aspire one is spot on. Total including upgrades - £250.
  3. When you consider the Acer One comes in at £229 here in the UK (120GB hard drive model) and the lowest spec macbook at least £600, the choice is easy to make. Of course nothing is better than a genuine apple product, but being budget conscious, and if you dont need all the power the macbook offers, seems like a simple choice to me.
  4. jimeney

    Best Netbook

    If you're not afraid of opening up your netbook and potentially voiding your warranty. The acer one is available for £229 here in the UK, with 120GB hard drive. Replacing the mini pci-express wireless card will give you a 99% compatible system to run leopard on (some minor issues with sound, no card reader and no sleep)
  5. OK so as a proof of concept this is fantastic, however I am sad to report that after 10 minutes of sound playback the sound distorts and goes garbled. I know this is only at alpha stage, but having sound *at all* is brilliant progress. I'll stay tuned for updates. Good luck to all the others trying it out as we speak! Iatkos 4i * Audigy 2 ZS Platinum Pro
  6. OK I am pleased to report that it works great so far (only had sound playing for a couple of minutes so far, there have been reports of sound degrading over 10-15 minutes. Specs: Iatkos 4i Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS platinum pro. Using optical output to Sony receiver - PCM 48KHz output - perfect.
  7. This is amazing news, just cracking the case open, and putting in my audigy 2 ZS platinum. Excited!
  8. jimeney

    usb audio with optical spdif out. which one?

    I've got this Sweex USB soundcard, but cant get optical output to work? any ideas. I am running IATKOS 4i. Thanks!
  9. jimeney

    USB Audio Problems / Recommendations?

    Thanks for this, can anyone confirm this card to be working with optical output? Dont wanna splash out any more money until I am certain it will work!
  10. I recently purchased a Sweex SC004 USB sound card, after seeing in the HCL that it should be 100% compatible (I'm running iatkos 4i). Whilst the card seems to work fine, I cannot get optical output to work at all. Any suggestions? Perhaps a setting I need to change? Further to this, if the above card does not work, can someone recommend a usb card that does work (on a budget of around £25 GBP) - it must have optical output that works (2 channel is fine, but 5.1 DTS/ACS pass through would be best). Thanks James
  11. jimeney

    For Sale: UK Only - Shuttle KPC K45, boxed

    How much are you asking, including shipping within the UK? Does this have AGP/PCI express so I could perhaps add a graphics card? How much ram can the motherboard take?
  12. jimeney

    Apple Wireless Keyboard For sale (UK)

    Ok seems fair enough. How do you want to be paid?
  13. jimeney

    Apple Wireless Keyboard For sale (UK)

    Including postage? if so then how would you like to be paid?
  14. jimeney

    [Wanted UK] Hackintosh

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for a fully working hackintosh system (just the base unit - no monitor etc.). Let me know what you've got, I am willing to pay up to £300 including shipping. This must be in the UK. I have over 280 positive ebay feedback and can pay via paypal, bank transfer, cheque etc. Thanks, James
  15. anyone know whether this will run osx? if so I may be interested.