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No dvd burn, No dl-burn capablity


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I have downloaded leopard, I'm on a intel machine, the size is 7.2 gigs

now I have read the tutorials!

BUT I don't have a dvd burner, Only a cd burner!

Which guide can I follow so I can transfer it to a windows machine(via fat32-external-hdd)and burn it there?

Or can I just follow one of the guides, and copy the inside of the dmg to windows?


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Hi mate,


do you currently have a Tiger install? Are you using a MAC???


You can partition your drive and just restore the image to that partition, then isntall. That needs to be done from tiger though.



Jup I have tiger,

What you suggested, I have mac on my external hdd, 90 gigs, another partition called leopard 15 gigs, there I restored the image, I selected the installer Icon, but it gave me the message: leopard cannot be installed from this volume,

then I went into system preferences, and tried to use it as a startup disk, but it just booted my normal mac partition,

in short, I can't excecute it while running mac, nor can i boot into it..,



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