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  1. The issue with the DVD drive eject and ATA blcking device message has been solved. It seems odd, but replacing AppleHDA solved the problem. My system was actually using AppleAzalia.kext Removing that and replacing the AppleHDA solved the issue. Really odd...
  2. I have ALPE disabled, and I still get the problem when ejecting the DVD from within OSX. To reproduce the problem: I do a couple of ejects. then run Final Cut (or Logic, dreamweaver) and try to eject. Then it wont do, disk activity will start and the system logs is filled with the ATA device message and from now on, only a manual restart will do. System still works, but HD LED light will be light up indicating activity
  3. Hi All, I just ran into a problem and was wondering if others are experimenting it: I have a DVD Drive plugged into the IDE port. There are certain times where if a dvd is in the drive and you try to eject it, it wont do it. From that point on, the hard disk LED wont stop blinking, you will have to manually restart and if you check your system.log, you will see a "IOATAController Device blocking bus". This message will be there to no end, and the hard disk activity wont stop until you restart. See a shot of the log below. Please note that Leopard works fine, you can browse, open apps no problem,but sometimes apps will freeze if you try for example, to use to browse to a folder on the HD from the application. It is just annoying the hell out of me
  4. Excellent work.

    I am thnking of Macinizing my Dell 5150.

    You have really given me the tools to do so and I thank you for this. Best to you m8.

  5. Good to know you guys are running smooth. Using AHCI with my 2 SATA Drives, so thats not the problem. I think I will turn off spotlight and c what I get.
  6. Hey all, Have any of you guys noticed/experimented a lot of hard drive "trashing" after an app freezes? The system will then not reboot or restart if you try. The case's HD LED will be lighting up forever and you would eventually have to manually restart the system. I installed the Final Cut Studio 2 Suite and Logic Pro 8. There are times where if I perform certain actions, I get the beachball and then the program can only be forced quit. Havent seen/tried this with other apps. PS: Xbench results are the same for me running Tiger 10.4.10 and Leopard. No improvement except the graphical score. Anybody can do some Xbench tests if you still have Tiger?
  7. BrazilMAC

    Leopard on osx86?

    If you have a 8800GTS: - You need nvinject, nvdaresman, geforce, nvdan50ha kexts
  8. BrazilMAC

    Leopard on osx86?

    FOr those that have 8800 cards, they fully work!!!!
  9. BrazilMAC

    Leopard on osx86?

    look at this
  10. BrazilMAC

    Leopard on osx86?

    Hey Maiden, If you have a spare disk, you can try out the guide without having to worry about your tiger install.
  11. BrazilMAC

    Leopard on osx86?

    Guys, I have updated the file pack..just check the first post on the article above on osx86scene
  12. FYI, I wrote a guide on how to Patch/install the GM build on a hack. Please read: http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2008
  13. BrazilMAC

    No dvd burn, No dl-burn capablity

    Hi mate, do you currently have a Tiger install? Are you using a MAC??? You can partition your drive and just restore the image to that partition, then isntall. That needs to be done from tiger though.
  14. Dont expect this to boot on a hack. The DVD is unpatched so it wont work if you dont do the patching yourself
  15. If I am not mistaken, you should use MAC OS Journaled