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Looking for a good board that will support my sh-183L (SATA dvd) and q6600. I can't get my Bad axe to work. It is recognized, but doesn't play dvd's.


Please disregard my earlier post.

Never used a SATA DVD drive before, but did it actually install OSX and you can't play dvd videos from there? Or will it not install OSX period? Have you thought about a SATA/IDE converter cable so you just connect the DVD drive to the IDE controller. My Pioneers work great (IDE).

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Hey Moose,


Glad u could join me on this


I had an original install of Tubgirl on AMD 3800, and Asus SLI A8N-32-SLI Deluxe.


I changed mobo and chip. I never did a reinstall. I have two WD IDE HDD, so cannot add the DVD to that input. I don't want to purchase any more hardware. I have Two HDD, Three DVD 2 IDE and 1 SATA. I actually have the Pioneer too.


The SATA never worked, my previous board allowed for the HDD and the Pioneer to be connected on the board simultaneously.

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