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  1. Preference pane not loading

    Thank you, finally found the terminal command to let me access preference pane, so that I could install non-apple programs. Eventually was able to repair permissions and rebuild cache.
  2. Hello All, I am currently on 10.12.6 and cannot get the preference pane lo load, no spinning ball, anything. Any thoughts on what I could try?
  3. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Would this help me with data transfers to my external hard drive, connected via Airport? Transfers are very slow.
  4. Hello all, I recently upgraded to Yosemite. I have everything working, using Clover bootloader. My Internet connection is much slower than with Mavericks and my transfer to my USB hard drive. Anyone have kexts that I can use for my board? TIA
  5. My Mavericks install is getting stuck at this point. Thank you
  6. Stuck at Openhalt

    Recently had to change my videocard from Nvidia 7600GT to 8400GS, and now I cannot boot into the system. I tried -x, -v, -f and UseKernalCache=No and Yes. From what I can tell in verbose, it keeps getting stopped at Openhalt. any help would be great
  7. Similar to Windows Partitioning, I created a main OS partition and a partition for docs, apps, etc. I changed the location of the Home Folder, just like like SL. System Preferences-->Click User Account-->etc. The icons show up in my doc, but says "iPhoto cannot be installed because of a problem, check to make sure you have the latest update." I am having the same issues with Office 11, Aperture and a bunch of other programs, short of re-installing everything, anyone have a fix?
  8. Where is the extra folder created on the USB? I installed Chameleon, but did not see a Extra Folder.
  9. Do we have a working sound solution on the 1330 and 10.6? Thanks
  10. Could someone help me? I am getting the constant restart. I used the 3.9 and 4.0 Beta Versions to create my system. It gets to bootloader (grey screen) and then restarts. I have UD3R version, 7600GT GPU, I7-920. I have attempted to read everything about this mobo, but cannot get it. Is IATKOS V7 and that was fine.
  11. Can we update using this method? Setup was easy, thank you for this post.
  12. [GUIDE] Leopard on an XPS 1330/1530

    Hello All- I have a XPS 1330 with T7250, 3GB RAM. I am using Retail installation (10.5.7), Chameleon and Windows 7. My computers keeps restarting if I leave it inactive after aout 5 minutes. Any ideas or what other information do I need to provide for help? thank you
  13. DD-I was talking about a restart, yes my RAM is 2GBX3. I will change my timings 1st on Auto it reads 7-7-7-16 . I believe it should be at 8-8-8-24.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions, I will try later today. I am just looking at all the replies to my post-I installed Vista today and it crashed too. Would a bad GPU cause this kind of shutdown? As we speak, it crashed again 20 ago-within minutes of booting OSX. I booted OSX again and currently I am streaming video to PS3 and downloading stuff and no crash! Weird.
  15. Here is my error log before it shut down. It had been on all day w/o me doing much-I left the house for 5 hours. Geekbench messed up when I tried to close it. Then about 10 minutes or less BOOM-shutdown. Error.doc