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iMac Performance Questions

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Hello All,


I have been impressed by the stability and reliabality of OS X. I work for a company that deals with Digital Content Creation in Photoshop and Maya 8.5. The work that is done is related to 3d models used in "games" or simulations, however you wish to see it.



I had a couple of questions as we are about to spec out some new inexpensive machines for perspective new employees. We currently use a low end AMD Machine with the following specs


AMD64 dual core 3800+

1GB of ram

Nvidia geforce card (ordered before I worked here, they didn't research to see that geforce cards are inadequate for maya)




I was considering ordering the "low end" iMac to replace these machines was concerned if it would run Maya adequately, can anyone provide any feedback?


1 x Core 2 Duo 2 GHz


HDD 1 x 250 GB


Radeon HD 2400XT

Gigabit Ethernet


It's the model that currently retails for 1199 from the apple store.

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