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[Short HowTo] Success with GA-P35-DS3L


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Hi everyone,


Here's the hardware I'm using:



Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3L



Intel Core 2 Duo 6550



4 gigabytes of generic dual channel



Evga Geforce 7600GT with Natit_Dual_v0.2 driver (Works amazingly well)



Onboard with RTL1xxx found here (http://www.necnet.de/krass.man/Installers/RTL1xxx%20Installer.html)



Tried to get onboard working with no luck. I'm now using an M-Audio Fast Track USB with drivers from M-audio's website



Seagate 3gbps SATA connected to the sata port second from the top



USB IED dvdrw. I have a sata liteon, but still can't get it to work. It may just be a faulty drive.



JAS 10.4.8 (Both PPF patches)

Then, update using JAS 10.4.9

Didn't update to 10.4.10 because I don't need it.


Total cost from newegg with cheap case: $640. Not bad ;)





You will need a USB optical drive to install using my method.


1. Boot the computer and enter the BIOS. Under integrated peripherals, turn on AHCI (top line) and enable Sata Ports (Second to top line). Here is a screenshot (halfway down the page) http://www.necnet.de/krass.man/Installers/...0Installer.html


2. Save and restart with JAS 10.4.8 in the usb dvd drive.


3. Press F8, boot with the command "-v" for verbose mode.


4. Format the harddrive as usual with disk utility


5. Install with only Intel patches and X11 selected. (Skip disc check)


6. After installation, immediately install the 10.4.9 update


7. Install the drivers for the NIC, Video card, and audio device. Make sure to reboot after each install.


* If the NIC doesn't seem to be working, try this. Turn off the computer. Remove the round battery from your motherboard. Re-insert it. Boot the computer and enter the bios. Turn AHCI mode back on. Then boot back into OSX. Your NIC should be working now.


* Each time you log into OSX, your monitor will probably lose it's signal then regain it. Once in a while, my monitor doesn't regain the signal. When this happens, I just unplug the vga cable and reinsert it. This usually does the trick.


* Like I said, I'm still having a bit of trouble with my SATA DVDrw. If someone wants to add instructions on how to set it up properly, it would be much appreciated.


* Sleep isn't functioning.


* Aside from that which I mentioned, everything is working flawlessly.


Presto! You now have a function mac (that's extremely fast as well).

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