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Massive performance drop - Bad Axe 2 Q6600 & After effects CS3

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Just tested the "Totalbenchmark"





1st file = 47sec

2nd file = 10min 38sec


On Osx

1st file = 1min 1sec

2nd file = 12min 29sec


The Osx has better HDD


Please give it a try



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I found that on my Celeron 2.26 with a low end MSI board and a 6600GT even small games would run slow. Basic tasks such as browsing InsanelyMac were extremely slow. Even though I had QE/CI enabled, it was very very slow. I never really enjoyed Mac much on my Hack.



The moment though I switched to my iMac, I must OSX is superbly fast.



Even though I never really figured out what the issue was with my Hackintosh. It even supported SSE3 and everything. Tried Reinstalling lots of times with different versions. Never helped much.



Maybe it was just my config or something else. OSX on a real Mac just blows away all the hacks.

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I don't know yet if I made myself look like an idiot or if there's still a valid point. One thing is sure though - there is in fact a problem with complex CPU-heavy effects in OSX. The processes in the total benchmark are relatively light.


My results


single process


Part 1 - 46 sec

Part 2 - 8:30 = 510 sec


Part 1 - 36 sec

Part 2 - 7:00 = 420 sec


multiprocessing on


Part 1 - 22 sec

Part 2 - 5:16 = 316 sec



Part 1 - 22 sec

Part 2- 4:24 = 264 sec


According to those figures I'm blowing their Mac Pro away.




XP still remains the winner here but I could live with the inferior OSX benchmark IF it stays within as reasonable figures as in this test.

One thing I've noticed in OSX when running multi mode, the render process 'aeselflink' which runs in 4 instances spiked almost consistently up to 95% whereas AE itself ran at only 5 % or so. I saw CPU idle at 0.5% most of the time, so basically the entire bandwidth was used. This should prove that AE is in fact able to take advantage of all cores full blast.


Scare over?

For me at least partially. I'm not 100% convinced yet but this weekend I'll give the more complex stuff another shot.


Big thanks to everybody for their input!


I reckon insanelymac is one of the best internet communities...

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Last conclusive (for now) experiment:


I disabled 'secondary cores' in the BIOS which makes it run on two cores only. My little animation rendered in 23 minutes. Not exactly stellar performance but still an appreciable improvement over the 30 min on the D940 and definitely tolerable as opposed to the 1hour35 on quad...

I can live with it until Adobe fix this. This is clearly a bug in AE.


So whenever you've got a project that seems to be seriously choking on 4 cores switch to dual, if you're an avid Windows avoider like me :rolleyes:


cheers mates!

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Hola que tal tengo un equipo Hackintosh con un q9400 2.67 y 4Gb, instale leopard 10.5.8 con el metodo cd boot 123, y luego agregue por cadena efi la geforce 9800 gt 512. Con Geekbench los resultados son 4745 booteando en windows xp y para la hackintosh 5628. Pero el problema es que cuando hago render con Avid media composer o con After effects CS4, los realiza mas rapido en windows que en Leopard /hackintosh. Cual es el problema



Mother Asus P5K-se

Desde ya gracias.

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I got down the render time, entering the secret menu of preferences (shift + After Effects - Preferences) tick the "Disable Layer Cache" and set to "purge every 50 frames during Make Movie". Improved rendering performance, but Windows XP is still faster.

What else can I try.?

Render times

Windos XP 3min 41

Leopard 10.5.8 (hackintosh) 5min.


In the system profile applications appear as:

AdobeAfter Effects CS4 / Kind: Intel

Adobe After effects Render engine / Kind: Universal

Avid media Composer / Kind: Universal

Sugiere una traducción mejor

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