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Remote plugins run on another machine


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Hey Guys,


Wondering if anyone can shed any light on this for me.


i have recently moved over to the hack platform, niceley running mac os and logic 8.

i used to use Pc with nuendo, and of course there are many great plugins that were on windows that I want to continue to use now im on the mac.


Obviously I cant run a windows plugin on the mac.


So I was going to build a new pc and pretty much use it as a harware synth, so just load something like v-stack to load the VST plugins and then just use my mac and logic to control this pc over midi, and feed the audio back into the mac from the pc.


Ok thats do-able of course, but I wont really be able to use FX plugins on my logic instruments. There also might be a latency issue, im not sure yet.


Are there any other solutions you might know about that will allow me to connect a mac running logic to a pc running vst plugins?


I know there are several solutions for pc like fx teleport (over ethernet etc) but i dont know if they exists for mac.


again i know vst system link is platform independant but you still need to be using cubase or nuendo.


I can t use logic with steinberg in this instance.


Any ideas?



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