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  1. Hey Mammoth. I appreciate how busy you must be, just wondering if you can offer any comments on my boot issue in my post back on page 12. I attached the image of my screen there. looks like ATI driver crashing. I'm kinda stuck at this point as i cant even install. any thing i can try out dude? Thanks for your hard work so far aswell mate, it's appreciated. Best Brad
  2. Hey Guys. Im getting a KP on cd boot. First i'll explain. I have followed the guides and created my MIID, all is ok there. obviously with my machine not being a dv8 I dont have a proper DSDT. the device wouldnt boot without the dsdt so I followed mammoths advice and created my DSDT.aml from the ubuntu live cd. I placed this into my MIID but still get the same KP. As far as i can tell its the GFX driver thats flaking out on me. Here is a screenshot of my KP. and here is a screen shot of my BIOS info (just in case it helps) I have attached my DSDT.aml just in case its something that someone can help me with straight off the bat. Of course as i get this closer to fully working I will share this with others who have the same machine as me. thanks for any assistance you can offer guys. Best, Brad P.s. Just reaslised, I think im the longest running member in this thread. Cant believe how many members there are on this site now.
  3. can anyone please confirm if this is working on the core2 based dv7's yet? my windows installation is a mess, and i keep putting it off as i'd like to get mac os on here. however a lot of backup is needed etc and i cant be without my machine for longer than a day. if anyone has any incline if it will be ok with core2duo please let me know. I'm not simply asking "will this work?" I'm asking if anyone has had any success with a machine like mine as of yet. best wishes, Brad
  4. Hey mammoth/guys. I'm worried about doing the install on my machine without proper dsdt. Is there / could anyone provide me with the proper dsdt file for my machine? model number is in my signature. thanks a squillion. Brad
  5. good to hear bud. is tehre any required reading for teh dsdt part? perhaps i can go figure out how to do that before getting your guide. (already followed the getting ready guide)
  6. So i bought my Sl retail disk this morning at the apple store, man, i hate going in that shop, the nerds really {censored} me off always trying to show how clever they are. just shut up and sell me the disk, i dont want to stand here talking to you for 20minutes. gggrrr I cant wait for the release of the guide, my windows installaition is dieing on me now, just want to hackmac her up. mammoth, is your method going to work on my older dv7? being as its a core2 t6600 its not the same as teh i5,i6,i7 series so its worrying me a bit. cheers Brad
  7. Hey Guys, I've tried a few things now to get installed but as yet to no avail. Is my machine compatible at all or should I just give up? I have the pavillion dv7-2273cl (USA) (VM192UA) spec in my signature. I've tried a usb booting method with a 300mb with the mammoth dvxtUSBv1.15a image. and a retail snow leopard on another partition on teh same usb key. I get it to boot but i eventually get to a "still waiting for root device" error that it never gets past. I have matched my bios boot settings to that in the guides, and also tried other combinations to no avail. am I to understand that the only thing i wont be able to get working here is the intel 5100wireless, i dont mind this as i am usually wired and have several usb wifi sticks anyway) I used the windows utility to grab my dsdt.aml although i have as of yet done nothing with that. It seems like my machine just doesnt want to know haha. any suggestions would be really appreciated. thanks Brad
  8. Hey Guys, I'm seriously confused with the main HP thread, and it seems that is for newer pavillion laptops with i5, i7 chips etc. It seems as though there is no driver for my wifi card, however I'm not entirely sure. Would really appreciate any advice, like is my machine compatible with the guide or do i need to follow some other older guide etc. thanks for your support. Brad (specs in my signature) My HP model number is DV7-2273cl CPU: Intel Core2Duo T6600 @2.20Ghz WIFI: Intel 5100 GFX: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 (M96)
  9. Skulltrail Info?

    i'm eager to get snow leopard running on my skulltrail system. I have tried following the vanilla guide restoring the retails dvd to a usb stick and running the patch from this thread http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=183751 however it will boot from the usb stick but then when the grey apple screen is displayed I get an instant KP. My skulltrail bios doesnt let me shut down cores or turn hyper threading off, as far as I am aware at least. just putting the feelers out for suggestions or success stories? Cheers Brad
  10. Hi Just got an iPhone for my birthday, wanna unlock it. stupidly, when i first plugged it in, i let it upgrade its firmware from apple software update, it updated to 2.1.1 i think. however i now cant use the yellowsn0w hack as the update also updated my baseband firmware to 02.30.03. is anyone aware of a way to "downgrade" said firmware of the baseband so that i can get yellowsn0w to work. thanks guys!
  11. Hi Just got an iPhone for my birthday, wanna unlock it. stupidly, when i first plugged it in, i let it upgrade its firmware from apple software update, it updated to 2.1.1 i think. however i now cant use the yellowsn0w as the update also updated my baseband firmware to 02.30.03. is anyone aware of a way to "downgrade" said firmware of the baseband so that i can get yellowsn0w to work.
  12. Hi all, Im sure i will be ommiting a lot of info so perhaps someone might tell me how i might find the rest. I have set up and installed on the following config. Intel Skulltrail mobo 2 x quad core xeons @ 2.4ghz Uad-1 audio Dsp card nvidia 7600gs gfx card 4gb fb-dimm memory kalyway 10.5.2 os (stock kernel (i think)) dlink usb wireless adaptor (g133?) I seem to be getting random kernel panics, im hoping its something to do with networking in which case i can remove the network and transmission app etc but maybe some give me a heads up on what to try? Are there kexts i should be removing like the via thing? Apart from this obvious big problem, cubase and instruments etc seem to be working fine, even under heavy load (not that you can really put this system under a heavy load) any info would be helpfull i guess, im sure i probably need to post logs or something but where to find them? thanks brad
  13. Lord give me strength!!!.... deep breath. Ok guys, ive buit a pretty sweet system here. Intel Skulltrail mainboard seagate barracuda 500gb sata 2x intel xeon quads @ 2.6 (i think) 8gb of fb-dimms 667mhz a few different gfx cards. OK it seems no matter what i do i cant get the system to boot. I have tried working with kalyway 10.5.2, and the jas 10.5.4 (both of which work fine on my badaxe2 system) when i talk from here now im talking about jas 10.5.4 with nvkush, or the included ati driver bundled with the disc. I have disabled pretty much everything onboard, lan, sound etc as this is for music production use only. so a lot of the drivers i shouldnt have to worry about. I can get the system to install, but always get kernal panics with the nvidia driver, now i have tried reinstalling with different video cards with different degrees of success. THe cards I have are nvida7600gs, nvidia 7900gs, nvidia 8600gt, ati hd2600pro (all pcie) now i can install and run mac os fine on my core2duo badaxe2 system so i know it cant be an incompatibility with the gfx cards. if i use the ati card i get a black screen on bootup, and even if i try to start in safe boot i get a black screen. with the nvidia cards i just get a kernal panic as i said with the driver. i have seen a few people on the board have successful setups but not documenting much of what drivers they used, kernels etc. does anyone have this board and could they tell me what drivers, patches they used to just get the system working?? any help i can get here is totally appreciated. Brad
  14. BadAxe Install Question

    bumpety bump bump?
  15. BadAxe Install Question

    Hi Guys, Hoping I dont get flamed for asking this, but there is simply so many different conflicting stories on this board that its almost impossible to work through (mainly because im waiting for the internet to get installed at my new house, so i can only get stuff i need whilst here at work) Ok Firstly I will state my spec and what i have done. Intel Badaxe II Board Intel Core2Duo E6400 250Gb Maxtor Sata Drive Nvidia (leadtek) 7900GS 4Gb DDR2 667 memory MOTU Firewire 828mk2 Audio Interface (onboard sound, ethernet disabled as not required) Ok So Ive been trying to install with the iAtkos Disc and getting mixed results, I can manage to get it installed from the disk but only if i choose the darwin bootloader (not the efi emulator (which im guessing would be better and my board should be able to support it) and also it will only boot if i leave the cd in the drive, if i take it out it wont boot, I did partition the disc as mbr etc. If someone would be good enough to just simply let me know the following.... a, I'm right in saying that with my hardware spec, i should just be able to have a full working system without patching anything? b, please could someone point me to the right guide that i should follow to have my system working the best it can. Im sick to death of windows, and I make music, and I have bought a legal copy of logic pro 7, and many of my existing music software purchases have mac versions on the cd, along with the constant newsletters I get telling me I can download Universal binary patches for a good handfull of them,so i think i should be good to go, as a result I feel i want to move over now and test the waters a bit.