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  1. Visual Folders hierarchy

    Is there any software for mac that does anything like this? Source: http://linuxpoison.blogspot.com/2009/03/9-...plement_07.html
  2. 2012: The Year The Internet Ends

    "The Year The Internet Ends" could only happen if the ISP's and the governments join forces to combat cybercriminals and take some profit with it. Things like Estonia mass cyber-attack in May 2007 and other CyberTerrorism attacks can end with he internet as we know it. More capacity to prevent and respond to cyber-threats will recuare more control.
  3. I just saw this: http://ipower.ning.com/netneutrality Is it possible? The Internet as a purely commercial playground?
  4. 20" Imac G5 has a 2nd monitor for macbook?

    Thanks anyway, makes me sad but some day I'll have to let go my iMac G5
  5. I'm trying to find a way to use my 20" Imac has a 2nd display for my macbook. Is there a way to do that? I tryied screenrecycler but it's too slow. Please Help
  6. Remote plugins run on another machine

    Besises using Logic Node the only viable system I know is museresearch receptor http://www.museresearch.com/ I hope this helps
  7. Please Help Mac Users

    Help company's like PGmusic, Earmaster and all the others know they have market on Mac Software. If you know a company that has good software just for windows, let them know we are here! Post there forum link and we'll vote for a Mac Build!!! PGmusic-> Band in a Box http://www.pgmusic.com/ubbthreads/showflat...ge=0#Post130007 Earmaster-> ear training http://www.earmaster.com/community/viewfor...3a77d1280db5054