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Leopard on AMD


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I know that there is an installer out for Leopard on INTEL architecture but has anyone got leopard to run on AMD architecture. I know that after the final release comes out some one will break it but the new dock, stacks and all the other leopard features have me salivating over the thought of trying the new OS.



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I already posted a topic like this, actually with the exact same name. You can get leopard to work if its leopard 9A466 or 9A499 because the patch only works on those versions. I am not promoting piracy so from here on out I will assume you went to WWDC and have a copy of Leopard. First you need the patch. Go to TPB and search for Leopard patch. The file size is 26.20MB so find the one that matches. Now you will have to back up your leopard dvd to your HDD. Make a new sparce disk image in Disk Utility. Set the size to 8.0GB DVD-DL. Name it dump. Once it is created click on Restore. Drag the Leopard DVD on the left to Source. Drag the dump image to Destination. Click restore. This will take a while(5-10 minutes). Once done mount the sparce disk image. Delete the developer tools. Then press shift+option+g and type in /Volumes/dump/System/Installation/Packages. Delete all printer drivers and language translations. Remember to empty the trash. Unmount the volume and go back to dusk utility. Create a new regular disk image. Make it 4.7GB DVD-R. Name it Leopard and put it on your desktop. Click on the restore tab. Drag the dump to the source and the new leopard disk image to destination. Click restore. This will take a while again. Once done delete the dump image.


Step 2.


Open the patcher folder. Go to the respective version of leopard you have(9A466 or 9A499). Open the amd patcher file.


If 9A466-

Open patch-it.sh in text edit and edit line 4 from DMG="/Users/user/9A466.dmg" to DMG="Path to disk image".

Open terminal and type:

sudo -s


cd to the folder with patch.it.sh



It will take a while and freeze your computer for several minutes periodically so close any other apps and go away from your computer. When your done go to the directory that has patch-it.sh in finder. Burn the disk image in that folder.


If 9A499-

Open how to.txt and do what it says.

when done go up one level and go to the 9A499_patcher folder. Open patch-it.sh and edit the same line as in 9A466. Then run it as stated for 9A466. Burn the disk image in that folder.

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