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Compile mp3val for OS X

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Just compiled it ;)

here you are


woOt?! How the heck! lol


Hey, any idea how to compile mp4box for OS X? I'm not entirely sure but I think the source is included here http://gpac.sourceforge.net/home_download.php under GPAC. This guy http://www.tkn.tu-berlin.de/research/evalvid/ managed to compile it but I'm not sure what version he's using cuz it doesn't say. I'd like to know how I can compile it myself but damned if I understand it, how did you even compile mp3val :X


What'cha think?


What about this thing http://mpeg4ip.sourceforge.net/downloads/index.php can that run on OS X. I'm not unbright but I've found no real info on compiling stuff on OS X, it's utterly confusing :S

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mp3val was easy to compile because it's simple console application and doesn't have lots of dependencies.

I just created new C++ project in Xcode, added all source files there, and built it...really simple

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Not sure which method this uses since it looks like most people who make mp3/music eval/normalization software take chunks of code from the existing codecs and mash it up with a basic gaussian/alog that works for music. iTunes has this functionality built-in, and has for a while, but—of course—they do all the work and don't tag the song, only the XML db file itself, so the value it useless outside of your setup.


I've used iVolume in the past and it did a great job, but also found this helped quite a bit when someone tried to get fancy and wound up encoding a mp3 improperly. Unfortunately, my in-dash mp3 player rejects these.



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