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  1. I don't want to take my wireless network card out that would be silly for me I like this technology though it's extremely interesting to see it even exists lol use CoreAVC soon 3.0 will come out hopefully adding even better playback support for lower end systems. I want this card now but not a usb wifi thing :Z grr oh well can't have it all. I just need to buy an all-in-one iMac soon =p
  2. Kakewalk 4: Makes installing Lion a breeze

    Can this thing work on an ASUS eeebox B202?
  3. Any chance this'll work for an ASUS eeebox B202?
  4. How would this method work on my Asus eeebox B202? It has Intel Atom N270 1 GB of DDR2-533 SO-DIMM 80 SATA @ 5,400 RPM Intel GMA 950 Ralink 2860 wireless Realtek audio 3-in-1 card reader
  5. Sorry man but this topic seems abandoned, although I would like to see all of this {censored} updated including the BIOS fix which must be far outdated by now since they came out with new revisions afterward. Anyways I am not sure if they will update this guide and the files, to bad :L I will eventually get an iMac I think. For now I'm using Ubuntu.
  6. I'm torn between wanting to try this very cool hack to turn my B202 into a macintosh, and using Ubuntu. I basically feel Ubuntu offers so much more in the form of Synaptic, PPA's, and just speed. I am curious though..... I'm typing this on my dads iMac which frankly as an all-in-one is amazing and I would definitely want one if I got the money. The only way I'd try this is if there was a newer guide for 10.6.7 released and I want to know whether the newer ASUS Bios has been fixed or do I still need to use this hacked version? What if I don't use sleep mode? Can someone hack the newest ASUS bios instead of using the older one that was hacked? So many questions, and well Ubuntu is just easier for now. Damn this keyboard is so nice :/ I am wishing and thinking of future things to get :mellow: Anyways if this guide is updated to include 10.6.7 that is when I'll try it, or if it's 10.6.8 fine, whatever as long as it's newer than 10.6.5 Cherrio
  7. Something Concerning the EEEBox

    I have an Eee Box B202. I might be interested in trying this since Eeebuntu didn't work to my expectations, I expect most linux distros wouldn't. I was going to try Mandrivia but gave up. Anyways alot of what you've said here is confusing, perhaps you can tell us noobs how we'd go about doing this with a standard copy of Leopard. I know you mention modified versions you got somehow (probably off bit torrent) but which of those really works and is most updated? Another question I have, if users update OS X with it's update function wouldn't that really break the distro? So far alot of what you've been mentioning is really beyond me, I could format my HD but then what else? Does Leo support the Eee Box B202's functions or what sort of hacks did you use. Hell they don't even sound like hacks, it sounds like you actually reprogrammed stuff Also I'd like to know was it worth it, how much better than XP Home did it run (I'm using Pro). I mean listen, is it worth it when I can patch uxtheme.dll, get cool themes off deviantART, slipstream XP using RyanVM's Integrator, etc. Is OS X that much better? I don't imagine I can play any games on here really, I'd like to try Total Annhilation, so far Duke Nukem 3D High Resolution Pack works great though! I was surprised, it runs without a hickup. Well anyway that's my thoughts, otherwise I've no idea what else to think. The comments here aren't fully understandable by me.
  8. xcode & compiling

    I found this Now we need to get MP4Box and compile it. This is used for post processing to allow the feed files to play with the updated iPod firmware. cd /tmp wget ttp://internap.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/gpac/gpac-0.4.0-rc2.tar.gz wget ttp://internap.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/gpac/gpac_extra_libs-0.4.0.tar.gz tar -zxf gpac-0.4.0-rc2.tar.gz tar -zxf gpac_extra_libs-0.4.0.tar.gz cd gpac_extra_libs cp -r * ../gpac/extra_lib cd /tmp/gpac chmod +x configure ./configure make lib make apps make install Any ideas how to do this in OS X?
  9. I've just figured out how to add source files without dependencies to xcode and then compile. I tried doing it with mp3val but get a segmentation fault upon running the application. Also I don't know how to compile it into a single file, the one I had needed to stay in the directory it was placed in :S I was interested in compiling this http://gpac.sourceforge.net/home_download.php According to the page the libraries are included in a seperate .zip below the main download, so would those be the only dependencies I'd need? I looked at the stuff and it's not just source but more things, it's somewhat confusing. How could I add these to an xcode project and properly compile? If anyone wants make a guide and let me know cuz it'd be useful to alot of mac users. Also I'd like to compile this http://mpeg4ip.sourceforge.net/downloads/index.php but since I've no idea what to do thought I could ask, can I add these to xcode and it'll just tell me what I need dependency-wise? Well goodnight PS Why didn't mp3val work? http://mp3val.sourceforge.net/
  10. Compile mp3val for OS X

    I've tried it and the program segfaults every time it is fed a file to process :?~
  11. Greetings, Now that I got the other thing I wanted compiled how about helping compile mp4creator for OS X. Here's the source link http://mpeg4ip.sourceforge.net/downloads/index.php Ya see I was trying to make some audio ISMA compliant but mp4box -isma doesn't seem to work, it won't generate a BIFS or OD so I'm confused. I did try mp4creator but I'm on a mac not a PC so can't use it. All I wanna do is run mp4creator -make-isma-10-compliant then mp4creator -optimize but without the program it's fruitless, any ideas?
  12. Compile mp3val for OS X

    What about this http://mpeg4ip.sourceforge.net/ Is there anyway of compiling that for OS X?
  13. .m4a (AAC) confuses me

    Why does this show "File Brand mp42" when it's really just audio? Shouldn't it be "File Brand M4A"? * Movie Info * Timescale 600 - Duration 00:04:37.988 Fragmented File no - 3 track(s) File Brand mp42 - version 1 Created: GMT Fri Sep 28 04:49:07 2007 File has root IOD Scene PL 0x01 - Graphics PL 0x01 - OD PL 0x01 Visual PL: No visual capability required (0xff) Audio PL: AAC Profile @ Level 2 (0x29) iTunes Info: Name: Caught Up In You Artist: .38 Special Album: Anthology / .38 Special Disk: 1 / 2 TrackNumber: 10 / 18 Group: v Cover Art: JPEG File Track # 1 Info - TrackID 101 - TimeScale 44100 - Duration 00:04:37. Media Info: Language "Undetermined" - Type "soun:mp4a" - 11972 samp MPEG-4 Config: Audio Stream - ObjectTypeIndication 0x40 MPEG-4 Audio AAC LC - 2 Channel(s) - SampleRate 44100 Synchronized on stream 1 Track # 2 Info - TrackID 2 - TimeScale 600 - Duration 00:00:01.000 Track is present in Root OD Media Info: Language "Undetermined" - Type "odsm:mp4s" - 1 samples MPEG-4 Config: ObjectDescriptor Stream - ObjectTypeIndication 0x01 Synchronized on stream 1 Track # 3 Info - TrackID 1 - TimeScale 600 - Duration 00:00:01.000 Track is present in Root OD Media Info: Language "Undetermined" - Type "sdsm:mp4s" - 1 samples MPEG-4 Config: SceneDescription Stream - ObjectTypeIndication 0x02 BIFS Scene description - Command stream
  14. Compile mp3val for OS X

    woOt?! How the heck! lol Hey, any idea how to compile mp4box for OS X? I'm not entirely sure but I think the source is included here http://gpac.sourceforge.net/home_download.php under GPAC. This guy http://www.tkn.tu-berlin.de/research/evalvid/ managed to compile it but I'm not sure what version he's using cuz it doesn't say. I'd like to know how I can compile it myself but damned if I understand it, how did you even compile mp3val :X What'cha think? What about this thing http://mpeg4ip.sourceforge.net/downloads/index.php can that run on OS X. I'm not unbright but I've found no real info on compiling stuff on OS X, it's utterly confusing :S
  15. Does anyone here have any ideas how I can compile this in OS X: http://sourceforge.net/projects/mp3val