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  1. 9A581 still buggy...

    I got my USB hard drive working, after some serious voodoo ... I have to turn on drive - while it is turned on, change power management (switch on the drive) from automatic to manual, turn off the drive, and then turn on again...It's really stupid, since I have to do it every time before connecting it, otherwise it is not recognized. I'm expecting update to fix this...
  2. Apps that dont work

    it should work ok...just needs to have latest update installed (released 2-3 weeks ago)
  3. Applications known NOT to work

    Max 0.7.1 is not working
  4. It seems that network traffic for some apps goes through kernel_task...when I blocked it I couldn't get any connection in transmission, and also there were problems in safari and camino
  5. Why kernel_task process tries to establish some "random" TCP connections? Is it connected somehow with safari? Is it ok to block them forever?
  6. 9A581 still buggy...

    resolved... reinstalled kexts from 10.5 dvd now doesn't have access to USB drive, but at least trackpad is working properly...
  7. Keyboard layout

    Apple should really provide the keyboard layouts for windows usage I have japanese keyboard layout on my mpb, but I have to use it with us english kbd layout, which is really stupid maybe there is a solution for this I'm not aware of...
  8. 9A581 still buggy...

    well I screwed my system with replacing IOHIDFamily.kext with the one provided in 10.4.9 (I hoped that will solve the trackpad problems)... can anyone help me to restore kexts with original 10.5 ones. 10.5 system is unbootable it stops at blue screen. I have 10.4.10 system on external USB drive, but I don't know how to boot from it... and there is also Vista installation, but in the boot camp options I can't select USB drive as startup disk
  9. 26th at 18:00, no matter where you are
  10. 9A581 still buggy...

    Apple still haven't solved the problem occurred after 10.4.10 update - some USB hard drives are not recognized (my buffalo 500 gb is one of them). Temporary solution for this in 10.4.10 was to use IOUSBFamily.kext and IOUSBMassStorageClass.kext from 10.4.9... this bug is still preset in leopard, you can use kexts from 10.4.9 (drive will get recognized) but then your trackpad won't be properly recognized. hope will see update soon...
  11. Numberzz, I guess you mean 2:19:07:20
  12. download it...it's real leopard manual in russian!!!
  13. Compile mp3val for OS X

    mp3val was easy to compile because it's simple console application and doesn't have lots of dependencies. I just created new C++ project in Xcode, added all source files there, and built it...really simple
  14. Compile mp3val for OS X

    Just compiled it here you are mp3val.zip