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before i buy it

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I would defently recomend the ATI SAPPHIRE X1950XT 256MB.

first it really easy to install on a mac.. you don't need any rom flashing or nothing you just install JJcools method installer.


thats it its good to go

supports Dual DVI mons

since I enjoy games as well I wanted the strogest card I can get - that won't need rom flashing or kext mess!

It runs perfectly on XP and vista..


I ran Need for speed carbon on full settings and on 1600x1200 and it was smooth like hell...

I wouldnt insist on 512MB... right now you wont really need it...

unless you have 2 30" monitors...

the memmry issue is for extreme high resolutions (in 2 mons)

running 1920x1200 will be great on 256MB...

good luck!

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dude I run DX10 and have 1600X1200 res... it runs awsome.


Listen its simple. If you don't have a problem messing with rom flashes and complicated Kexts - go ahead and buy it...


My goal was to buy the best fully supported card around.. and to my opinion - for now - thats the one.


Also he supports Dual DVI mons - in case youdlike in the future...


this way you can also plug the secondery DVI to Apple's DVI to Video (svidio+RCA) converter.. and you'll have a TV out...


You can check my benchmarks (check sig) to see the Card's performence in MAC OSX

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Quartz Graphics Test : 242.60

OpenGL Graphics Test : 180.29

This refers to the Hack pro? or the AMD that you got?


my results (Xbench):

Quartz Graphics Test: 177.88

OpenGL Graphics Test: 187.81


God damn! I didn't know the 8xxx series are supported and recognized!

How did you do that? I mean, did it envolve Rom flashing and Kext mess? or a quick installer?



and by BTW how did you get to that open GL extension viewer?

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Yes it looks like the 8800 series is now supported (only the 8800 not the 85 or 86...). There are two very lively threads in the hardware forum - you don't even have to search you'll see them on the first page or so of threads....



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