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Decisions Decisions Decisions what to do ?

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Here is my predicament.




I recently got in to OSX86 think its a great idea and runs better than windows. I upgrade my pc a few weeks back and gave my old 7900gt to my brother so he could start playing some games. I bought a GF 8800 GTS at the time i never read or even research to see if this would work. Issue it it doesn’t so tuff luck until it does i guess. I like to play games on my pc via windows (boooo) but would rather have OSX. So i wnt a bought a very cheap 7200GS that i know will work. I have got a Xbox 360 now so i can play games on it till drivers for GF 8xxx Series is working.




So do i swap the 8800gts for the 7200gs and play games on the 360 or just wait n hope drivers come soon for GF 8xxx

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