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MacOSX 10.4.8 JaS and VMWare - Sorted by me!

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Hey all,


Firstly, take it easy on me as i am new to both this forum and MacOSX :D


I have managed to get MacOSX installed in VMWare and it boots fine. I can even hear the intro video and then some guy start talking about VoiceOver or something... the only thing is, once it gets to the gray screen with the spinning circle - the circle stops the screen freezes whilst the rest carry's on in the background (the video, guy talking etc). If i press keys at random, i get the expected sounds (dum) but can't see a thing...


Any ideas? i would REALLY appreciated some help on this as i am so close... yet apparently so far ;)


Many thanks in advance for you response(s).

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Get acquainted with the InsanelyMac forum and the OSx86 Wiki.


You'll see that successful installation within vmware dates back to at least summer 2005.

Some individual has recently centralized this accumulated knowledge from the community; I think he'll be easy to spot :huh:


You'll also get other information in the Tutorial (GeniusBar) subforum on how to install more recent (and better) versions of OSX natively.

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You mean me by "some individual" right?


I successfully got JaS 10.4.8 and Uphuck 10.4.9 1.4ir3 (these are fairly recent, not old) to work but through rigorous testing I am pretty sure that I have determined that 10.4.10 is not compatible with VMware, which I think is solely because the 8.10.1 and 8.10.3 kernels are incompatible. It may depend on other factors but the newest kernel and version you can run on VMware are: 10.4.9 and 8.9.1 kernel.




Glad you got it working but 10.4.1 is pretty old...Like cbmkgd said you can install more recent versions now but there does seem to be a compatibility problem with your machine and newer versions of OS X. If you can't get 10.4.8/9 to work, try 10.4.7 and keep going down until you find the newest version that works with your computer. To run most new apps these days you need 10.4.9 or higher.


And for your video card, I presume that QE/CI is not supported because your GeForce 6800 (Am I right?) is not fully compatible with OS X. And if you can't change resolution (you probably can but anyway,) follow this little guide I made to change resolution (its for VMware but should work for native installs too):



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