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Trying to multiboot Vista, xp and 10.4.6


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I'm new to the mac world and i'm trying to install OSX 10.4.6. i currently have vista and xp installed. i made a 80gig partition in vista and set it to active. but when i try to install osx, i see no hard drives.



any ideas?

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without (much) more details about your hardware, you can't get much useful help.


Also, if you want a better chance to get proper video support, you should go with 10.4.8, or better yet 10.4.9 (since they probably include titan/natit).

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Conroe E6600 @ 3.4ghz -

eVGA 122-ck-nf68 680i SLI -

4gigs Corsair Dominator DDR2-800 -

eVGA GeFroce 8800GTS Superclocked -

VGA Geforce 7600 -

2 20" lcd monitors

1 22" widescreen lcd -

windows vista 64/XP 64 dual boot -

4 SATA hard drives,

2 DVD-RW IDE drives.


umm i think thats it. mac has to be installed on FAT32 correct. could that be why nothings showing up.


ill look into getting OSX 10.4.9

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... Create a fat32 primary partitition of sufficient size (~4GB for minimal, much more depending on what apps you plan to install) with a windows tool (eg Disk Director, Partition Magic, etc), or linux partition tool. Make sure this primary partition is before the extended partition (if there is one).

Use a guide in the Tutorial section with the above in mind.


... Usually the drive and partitions should show in diskutility (even if the partitions were not fat32); I don't have an intel box, so can't help you much further.


But: your nForce 680i chipset is very possibly problematic for OSX with SATA drives. A driver/kext was finally created to solve the problem for nforce4 people, but doesn't work for nforce4xx and later (afaik).

An ide drive would be ok though, if that is the problem you're having (and if your board can support it).


[About your 8800GTS:

Unofficial- Geforce 8 thread

Natit for Nvidia 8x00 Cards]

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