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No internet connection

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I hope I'm posting in the right subforum ;)



- I have a realtek rtl8319 pci card (this is supposed to be compatible)


- My motherboard has the nforce 520 mcp chipset



- Using a 5600+


- Using tubgirl's 10.4.10



I couldn't get the internet to work after messing around a bit, and also, when I checked in "PCI Cards" inside the system profiler, it didn't show any :(

is it supposed to show up in the system profiler? any way to check if osx detected it in any way? any tips?



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alright, I got it working


rammjet's thread helped though, but I couldn't get the driver to work until now.

turns out that osx was trying to use the r1000 driver, and that the applerealtek driver doesn't work, so I removed them and installed that driver ;)


and about pci cards showing up in system profiler, I found out that's normal in osx86



I'm on a roll, now I just need to install natit :)




edit: you're right, it's the realtek 8139, typo ;)

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If you need help with video card setup, feel free to ask. If you have a GeForce card, its recommended that you use Titan drivers, not Natit. If you have a ATI card, you can install Natit and it will work but usually you have to take additional steps to enable QE/CI.

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