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Logic8 - OSX newB


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system details:

Intel CoreDuo 1.6

Intel 845 based Mobo

Nvidia FX7000 disaply card (dual head)

OSX 10.4.10

err... anything else ?


so I found a version that's ~ 200Mb, D/L and now trying to install.

I'm afraid I'm a complete newB on OSX, though.

I have 10.4.10 running here.


1. has anyone installed that version? can you confirm that it's a viable attempt, or do I have to D/L like 7 GB and then try ?

2. how do I locatre the problem? when installing from the terminal, I get the error:

"install step failed: run preflight script for Logic Pro"


any hints ?

thanks :-)

great forum, BTW. awsome!

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Install the Pro Application Support files.

You may need to use Pacifist to force that install.

Then install LogicPro8.


The ~200MB is viable as such, as a sequencer, mixer, etc, with the sampler engine and instruments. But, don't expect to have the sampler's samples, reverb impulse response files, and other such resources for the instruments, etc. I don't even think it has the instrument presets.

Nor the other Logic 8 Studio tools.


That being said, if you like it, then $500 for the Logic Studio 8 package is quite attractive (and, of course competitive!).

All this without an annoying dongle.

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tahnks for the effective reply!

will do

as for $$ I tend to agree. it has always been my WISH to pay the brilliant programmers and designers who made a program which I find superior to ohers (but that's just me...)


well music is a hobby, and I can't seriously shell $US500 anytime soon.


it is certain that if... ever.. (ah dreams!) I make even one single $ of it, it will be purchase time. just pray for me that this happens. at all.


and yeah, it's a great thing they cut the price down to where normal pplz can at the very least dream about paying :-)

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