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compaq C500 series help


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i am having the same problem- same model number compaq... I did manage to find what I think might be the device or maybe its the hardware id in windows- 4311 but trying to put that into the 80211wireless kext i find that its already there... OS X must not be looking for it. I just dont know how to check for this or to make it look for it. Can anyone help?

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Hello! I am new to the forum but i thought I would share my knowledge! --- Added by WiseByte ---

OS: JaS Mac OS X 10.4.8 AMD Intel SSE2 SSE3 PPF1

CPU: Intel Celeron M (Yonah) 440 @ 1.86GHz

Chipset: Intel i945PM/GM/GT/i940GML ICH7

Video: Intel 945GM Express

Audio: Conexant High Definition Audio needs SkippyRetard's driver.


The following do not work: NIC: Broadcom 802.11b/g

Modem: HDAUDIO Soft Data Fax Modem with SmartCP not working

Won't sleep - sleep will reboot computer

Won't shutdown correctly - will go to the press and hold power button screen <-Fix install wireless.support.pkg or "sudo rm /System/Library/Extentions/IO82011family.kext/Contents/Plugins/AppleBrcm4311"


If you get any of the above to work, please let me (WiseByte) know.


Found it on the web but have not been able to try it yet... Working on that right now im really excited about it. I have a Compaq Presario c551NR with 1GB RAM

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