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  1. Force welcome process?

    Figured it out! if anyone is interested- http://www.nzmac.com/2-mac-os-x-100-104-an...ew-install.html
  2. So im going to sell my macbook and I want to install some stuff (not on the install DVD) after i install SL and then ship it to my buyer. Is there any way to get the welcome video/process (account setup) to play the next time it starts up? Thanks! Mechmess
  3. x200 chipset installation

    if any of you are having problems with this install dvd try Uphuck 1.4i (10.4.9) I use this with my x200m chipset in my toshiba laptop and have gotten everything working except qe/ci (which as stated before is impossible) and line in/out.
  4. Well right now im happilly chugging along with this install on my toshiba laptop... everything works except ci/qe but thats another story... (stupid x200 chipset...) and i was wondering, since i cant find a leopard disk that will boot, if i should upgrade to 10.4.11. I noticed all this talk about EFI emulation and was wondering if that would work for me and how to do it. Basicly i just want to know how difficult it would be and the advantages of doing it.... Thank you very much- Mechmess Screenshot.tiff
  5. compaq C500 series help

    its not the original... i installed it after the fact using the uphuck 1.4i dvd- it has the moddified kext on there and that still doesnt explain why it wouldnt work if the correct device and vendor id's are in there
  6. compaq C500 series help

    i am having the same problem- same model number compaq... I did manage to find what I think might be the device or maybe its the hardware id in windows- 4311 but trying to put that into the 80211wireless kext i find that its already there... OS X must not be looking for it. I just dont know how to check for this or to make it look for it. Can anyone help?
  7. atheros 5006EG WORKING!

    sorry about that last post i was in a hurry and left it a bit confusing... Upon booting the Jas 10.4.8 DVD i couldnt see any of my hard drives... i have an ati chipset (x200) that isnt very well supported and a ton of peoplehave problems with it but anyways back to my problems- they are gone !!!!! I was fiddleing with the network setup wizard and it suddenly enabled the network preferences pane and everything works just awesome- I have sound, Ethernet, WiFi, Can set resolutions(as good as it gets no ci qe for me) in the preferences pane, battery is showing in the menu bar, and both of my T2060's cores are recognised! I have never been happier....
  8. atheros 5006EG WORKING!

    yeah i did use the uphuck installer... i tried a fresh install without any wireless patches except this time i tried using the ethernet patch for my R8139 and i guess it has nothing to do with the wireless but totally with the uphuck release... this sucks really bad because i couldnt get the Jas 10.4.8 release to boot because im using a serial ata HD... maybe i could do a VM ware install and then apply the nessisary ati/via sata patch what do you think?
  9. atheros 5006EG WORKING!

    I recently got my ar5006x recognised by osx in the system profiler- Airport Extreme (0x168c, 0x425) using this method but it us just showing up as airport being off... Whenever i try to open network preferences it just crashes and clicking on the cone in the menu bar just gives me a airport not configured message. What do i do?
  10. [BUY] I need a mac mini!

    I have a 1.42ghz mini (ppc) with 40GB HD and 1GB pc 3200. I have been meaning to put it up on ebay for awhile... I would be willing to let it go for 550 shipped with a 14" lcd and wireless mouse/keyboard included. If your interested give me an email at vogelboy(at)gmail.com
  11. I am having the EXACT same problem... i would just do a native install but i have a SATA drive also and diskutil wont see it. Im thinking it might be a problem with vista i might try putting the hard drive in my xp machine and doing a vmware intstall there
  12. Atheros WG311T Quit working

    Wow do i feel dumb - http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?sh...054entry40054 - guess it was just taht easy i still need to try it and im not sure if i can even figure out how to enter those commands but im gonna try tomorrow and will let anyone who is wondering if it worked- thanx Mechmess
  13. After finishing the 10.4.5 install flawlessly i booted up for the first time and almost cried with happiness when it recognised my Netgear WG311T when i was typing in my user information before it even got to the desktop and helped me setup my network- again it worked great. And it kept on working great even when i started to surf the web but the problem started when i did my first restart all of a sudden it forgot the settings that it had been working with before and icant find it anywhere to configure it again. I tried using the airport setup utility but it says that there isnt a card hooked up. I noticed before i restarted that the card wasd never recognised in the network settings of the system prefrences. It just showed up as build in etherrnet which is still there but i cant figure out how to set it up to work with my wireless network. Can anyone help me? Thanx- Mechmess
  14. Apple Pro Keyboard Windows drivers

    It works for the most part but there are small things that dont work like the number pad, the eject key, and some of t he plus or minus buttons- i know that there are other programs out there like meymappers i could use but i want ot use the apple driver
  15. I recently went to an apple store and baught the apple pro keyboard. I tried to run the exe from the bootcamp cd on my beige box windows install and it didnt work- said that the software didnt support my hardware is there anyone that knows how i can extract the driver from the exe? Thanx alot- Mechmess