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InsanelyMac front page news needs better focus.

iji oh

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The news on InsanelyMac's front page seems to have taken a turn toward coverage of Apple and Apple products, rather than covering stories about the OSX86 scene.


I love this site. It's been an immense help to me over the past year. I visit everyday and will continue to do so. However, I feel as if there are things going on in the OSX86 community that aren't being covered or talked about on the front page of the site. Too often the news on the front page contains information that I've read elsewhere--such as the roundup of new iPods, or the iPhone's imminent release in the U.K.


The news here could be so much more dynamic and useful to the people who come here. Just off the top of my head, here are some things I'd love to see.


-A Q&A interview with some of the leading x86 hackers/developers (Jas, Tubgirl, PascalW, whoever...)

-Some speculation--from informed sources--about whether Leopard will be "hackable".

-Front page tutorials addressing common problems and issues.


I'm sure people have other suggestions. I'm willing to pitch in and write some stuff, even. There must be a better way to make the news on the site more useful to the community here...


Any thoughts?

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