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  1. MAMP rocks. I use it and love it. With that said, I'd add that despite the overhead of another OS running, there are still advantages to running a virtual machine. One is the ability to take snapshots and easily restore. Learning to set up a Linux web server is never a bad thing either. For a quick and dirty LAMP install I'd look into turnkey linux. They offer VMs of basic Linux, LAMP stack as well as preconfigured scripts like Drupal,Joomlah, Magento etc. The URL is http://www.turnkeylinux.org/ BTW, if you want a nice GUI for MAMP then get MAMP Pro. Snow Leopard Server would be overkill just to host some web sites.
  2. Sorry but this site is not giving me permission to post in the xlabs section so I'm posting it here. I have been tinkering with the idea of creating an OSx86 version of LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project). The idea is to have a mac or hackintosh server booting diskless thin clients through a network connection. I think this may now be possible in light of the great work happening at the PureDarwin project. The way LTSP works is that the thin client contacts the server and downloads a minimal OS environment consisting of the kernel and some necessary low level files. The rest like hosting applications and such happens on the server. PureDarwin now have a proof of concept called PureDarwin Nano that is a minimal OS that on the surface would seem to be perfect for this on the client side. OSX already has the other open source services already built in like DHCP, TFTP etc. required on the server side. I personally think it would be bad-ass and very useful to be able to PXE boot thin clients or old clunkers from a juiced up central server running OSX. I'd love to get this started but my problem is that my programming skills are limited to web technologies (actionscript, php, javascript) and I could use the help of the more experienced people that have contributed other OSx86 projects. Is anybody interested in this either as a contributor or user?
  3. You better get used to it. If everybody starts using iPad and Android equivalent tablets, regular computer components will not be a cheap commodity any more. It will drive up prices for all notebooks, desktops both commercial and DIY. This means if you deal with media creation and software development, it will cost you an arm and a leg to get a machine to work with. I hope I'm wrong, but there are already some warning signs. http://www.macrumors.com/2010/09/17/analys...k-retail-sales/
  4. Running Hackintosh in public place

    I'd say "it's a prototype, shhhhh"
  5. Hi everybody, I'm completely new to linux and have taken on a project that I need help with. I'm volunteering at my wife's elementary school and trying to set up an LTSP server. I'd like it to run either openSUSE-education (based on 11.1) or Edubuntu. Novell sponsoring SUSE would make it an easy sell to the IT people at the county's central office for widespread adoption (they use Novell servers to some capacity) but I also like what Edubuntu has to offer (namely ltsp setup automatically with the alternate CD). In any case, I've tried installing both and have come across major networking problems. I'm not entirely sure what to do. I don't want to keep switching distros so I'd like to pick some of your brains and try to iron out my problems. So here are a few questions maybe some of you can help me answer: Is there any reason I should go with one distro over the other? Which one has the better integration between ltsp and italc? When using a 2 NIC setup, does the NIC facing the switch with the thin clients need to be eth0? Is there any difference between client performance between the distros provided all other things are equal?(BTW either way I'd be using Gnome) Is there a definitive article or book that can get me up to speed with complex networking on either distro or a linux server? My problems so far have had to do with mostly networking issues. Various installations (I've done a couple with both distros already) have lead to various problems but at least I'm getting a lot more comfortable with the command line in the process. Any help you guys could provide would be much appreciated.
  6. Songsmith by microsoft

    ROTFL @ 1:55 "Microsoft huh. So it's pretty easy to use?" @macita - Your avatar rocks.
  7. Is anybody running webmin on their hackintosh? If it's running well, then could somebody please point me to a tutorial on how to install webmin on leopard? I've looked high and low and all I could find is an out of date tutorial on webmin.com that covers installation on panther server. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks
  8. Here's the article complete with video clips: http://gizmodo.com/391103/full+screen-mult...-not-from-apple There is now an opensource framework that will allow implimentation of multitouch screens. It's available for OSX, can be used in Cocoa environments and it's open source too! I think this will lead to some very cool things in the not so distant future!
  9. Apple buys a chip designer

    Maybe they're making a game console. PPC seems to be all the rage in the game console business.
  10. Just a quick question guys. I'm more of an audio guy than a video/3d person. The card everybody has linked to has been $179+. I was looking to get an 8800GT but the one I'm looking at is on sale at newegg for $89. I've tried to compare what some people have linked to and from what I can tell the only difference is in the connectivity. Is this correct? Or is the card I'm looking at crippled in some way in comparison? I don't need any other connectivity other than the DVI or VGA btw I was just interested in the performance aspect in terms of gaming.
  11. Maybe InsanelyMac should be nice and bring it to Apple's attention. That would let Apple know that IM is not affiliated or in any way connected with these people.
  12. These people are idiots. Why do they have to be such asses about it? If somebody really wants to sell OSx86 compatible computers, why not call them Darwin compatible or sell models named after certain distros? This will not only {censored} off Apple, but it'll {censored} off the OSx86 community too.
  13. Just a quick update. I disconnected my tiger drive and managed to get the Leo drive to boot with the kalyway DVD in. The other strange thing is that in diskutility my Leo partition shows as disk 0 partition 3 but when I look in fdisk, the only partition with info next to it is partition 1. Anybody have any ideas how to fix this?