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  1. The first Mac you ever used.

    Owned an Apple IIc
  2. Need help with Intel DG45ID

    I have the same board, which is currently running iAtkos v7 (and updated to 10.5.8). It's a perfect install. But, of course, I'd love to know how to install Snow Leopard.
  3. Dream on about the $300 price point. It's not going to happen. Ever.
  4. That's the problem, Drfrag. I DID that first, and my rig STILL wouldn't fully boot any DVDs. Could it have something to do with the fact that the DVD drive is SATA?
  5. Problem solved. It was so easy, I'm almost embarrassed that I posted the questions here. What I did was... I opened up my rig, disconnected the harddrive from the mobo, attached my handy SATA-to-USB connector to the HD and then to my girlfriend's PowerBook. Once the drive showed up on her desktop, I located my com.apple.Boot.plist, copied it to her desktop, edited it--taking out "graphics mode" lines and other text I added erroneously with OSX86 Tools... I then copied the file back into its resting place in my SystemConfiguration folder, and the rest is history. Everything's up and running again. Thanks for all the help everyone... What remains now is a problem that no dvd would boot my system--not XP, not Ubuntu live. What's that all about?
  6. This is a working copy of Kalyway that I've used for other installs. I think the problem here is two-fold: None of the DVDs I have (XP, Ubuntu, Kaly, JAS 10.4.8) are booting this machine at the moment. I must have a bios setting set incorrectly. By the way, my dvd unit, which is SATA, doesn't seem to have jumpers that I can manipulate to make it a boot drive. The second problem is that I originally installed this installation of Leopard using a different motherboard. I then bought a new motherboard and simply swapped them. The new Intel board worked perfectly fine in place of the old Gigabyte board---that is until I decided to experiment with OSX86 Tools. Question: Can I link the harddrive to another Mac via usb, find the plist, edit it somehow removing the information I put in (or better yet, starting with a fresh plist???) and then place it back in it's home safely? Any direction you might provide for doing that would be greatly appreciated guys. Thanks again for bearing with me. PS... I'm current downloading a version of iDeneb v1.3, but I'm worried that it won't be able to boot the system either... What could be the problem here? Something's really wrong when XP or even a Ubuntu live CD doesn't fully boot. Both CDs got the point of "loading kernel" and failed to boot further. Thanks again to all.
  7. Thanks for the quick reply. I've tried pressing f8 (using my Apple wired keyboard) and nothing happens. I'm just getting an endless boot loop. What's also strange is that my Kalyway 10.5.1 DVD won't boot on the machine now. There's a message that says com.apple.plist isn't present or something to that effect.
  8. My install was nearly perfect, and I went and screwed it up. Using the program "OSX86 Tools" I changed the resolution in the little window that asks for 1920x1200x32@60. I thought it would only change the resolution for my gray apple startup period. Instead, I can't my rig to startup at all now. I get to the Darwin loading screen, everything appears to be loading, then the screen goes black. I completely screwed up because I can't start in safe mode either (I chose to "silent boot" using osx86 tools.) Anyway, is there a way to repair my install? Any help would appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Leo on HP 2133

    Good question. Nothing yet, huh?
  10. 8600GT Help

    Try NVInstaller 5.1 I have the exact card you're using, and it works without incident using NVInstaller 5.1 Good Luck.
  11. NVKush solved CI/QE down after 10.5.3

    Diabolik's Plist generator didn't work to get my card recognized as 512 either.
  12. I can't believe the audacity of this company--the balls they must have to mention EFI v8 as if it's something they created, and then direct their customers to InsanelyMac, like we're all sitting around to tend to their customer service! Wow. That's all I can say. Wow. I visit this site daily, and I'm amazed that Apple has left us alone for so long. This may be the straw that breaks the camel's back. I hope InsanelyMac's management is considering some legal action. Seriously. Beyond that, however, this is the sort of thing that "our community" needs to put an end to *before* Apple does--self policing. This is an act of betrayal to "this thing of ours," and it can not STAND! What can we do about this? (And I'm not talking about petitions.) As a former "script kiddie", I can think of a million ways I would have marshalled the forces of Hell against these guys more than a decade ago. Do people even do DOS attacks anymore? Anyway... At this point, I think we need to show Apple that *we* can deal with bad apples in our community. That would go a long way to prove that we're not a real threat to their business. At this point, I think that's the only plan of action that can save InsanelyMac and the OSX86 movement.
  13. Actually, I went with your advice and decided to give the Mini another chance. I did a fresh reinstall and saved a ton of space. What was it that swayed me? I put my Hack on the shelf in the livingroom--and it just didn't look right. Besides, the Mini does a nice enough job. I'm still curious to hear (and see pictures) of people using Hacks as home-theater machines...
  14. The machine in my specs below cost me roughly $600 (excluding monitor and accessories, of course). It kicks the Mini's ass in terms of speed, graphics performance, storage space, RAM, and upgrade-ability. The Mini's X-Bench score is roughly 100, whereas my homebrew hack gets a score of more than 160. But my biggest problem is that the this thing comes with an 80GB HD. Come on. What desktop machine comes with an 80GB HD anymore? I can't store all of my movies and music on this thing. I know there are external drives I can buy, but I want this to be simple enough for my girlfriend to turn on and find what she's after--rather than powering up a computer, the television, and an external drive. I'm now considering replicating the Hackintosh I already have---and building it inside a HTPC, living-room-presentable case this time.
  15. Yeah, but I found this... http://www.keyspan.com/products/errf1/ It's a USB IR receiver for older Macs. There's no reason to believe it won't work on Hacks. Now, all I need to find is a bluetooth solution (to enable use of a wireless keyboard and mouse), and an internal wireless that card that works out of the box with Airport... Thanks for the response.