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[SOLVED] Note to P35 users: random freezes on Q6600 rig


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SOLVED (24/9/07): my motherboard had broken DIMM slots causing memory errors




On my latest rig, which is:


- Intel Q6600 G0 stepping 2.4Ghz@3.2

- 3Gigs of GEIL PC6400 DDR2 RAM (1Gb sticks, downgraded from 4Gb total because of kernel panics) see here

- Sapphire Radeon X1600PRO 256mb PCI-E

- 500gb Samsung SATA HDD

- 160gb IBM PATA HDD

- 100gb IBM PATA HDD


And software-wise:


- Installed fresh JaS 10.4.8, updated to Koolcal's 10.4.10 update, 10.4.10 kernel

- Natit X1600 kext

- NTFS-3G from Koolcal update

- IONetworkingFamily.kext fixed for DRM

- Realtek official driver plugin for IONetworkingFamily

- ApplePS2Keyboard fixed kext found in this forum (fixes random panic at startup)


I get random GUI freeze, IE: I'm clicking on some option in Preview's printing dialog -> beachball


-> all of GUI is frozen, unresponsive to clicks but the spinning ball/cursor is still responsive, i can move it around but nothing else works


All I can do is to reboot with the reset button.


This occurs randomly, it seems to happens if the system is reallly stressed. No logs whatsoever.


I suspect Natit, can someone with a similar rig confirm these random freezes occuring?

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I'd say unlucky with overclocks as opposed to hackintoshes respectively.


(In all likelyhood that's the issue and your RAM's tanking. RAM should be clocked at 667MHz, w your 2.4 to 3.2 increase that will bring the RAM back up to [and beyond] 800MHz speeds.. which can be easily verified within xbench)



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Thx for the reply JK :)


Actually my Q6600 is overclocked like this


- Original FSB x Ratio set from 9 X 266 Mhz to 8 x 400 Mhz


FSB:Memory set to 2:1 (Gigabyte BIOS) -> memory is at 800 Mhz which should be OK as my RAM is PC6400


maybe is there something to do with the FSB impropely recognized by the kernel? Maybe fsb=xxx should be set as a kernel flag? but I doubt this option is implemented with the 10.4.10 kernel which is a binhack AFAIK



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Dude it has nothing to do with FSB and the kernel. Until you return CPU+RAM timings/speeds/voltages to normal and still encounter the same issue this thread is in the wrong forum - good luck


*EDIT: if nothing happens when you revert everything (eg. your OC is the problem), start the next OC by dropping the RAM to 667*

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