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  1. Hey folks, Is there a simple way to probe loaded kexts for a vendor/device ID match? Details: This is an OSX VM with a GPU Passthrough for display. To clean things up I am attempting to remove a kext from S/L/E that is loading automatically for the VM's software display "VMware SVGA adaptor" (which can not be deleted/removed on the VMWare side of things). Vendor: 0x15AD Device: 0x0405 Note: I am not using VMware Tools which installs its own frame buffer and driver to /L/E - so this is the stock Apple frame buffer and also a stock SVGA driver
  2. josh256

    [HOW TO] Modification of AMD FB + Clover injection

    Hey Vlada, I'm troubleshooting PCI-E passthrough (different hypervisor, natively supported GPU) and am hoping you can confirm my following assumption: Apple specifically states the retail/PC Sapphire Pulse RX 580 8GB as natively supported - a frame buffer inject/hack etc should not be necessary. The native driver binaries match the frame buffer by PCI-E vendor/device ID... ? Thx, JK
  3. Most expensive part was the case.. in hindsight I should have used a G5 case to even further reduce my costs. Notable Components: ASUS P5B-VM SE uATX (micro ATX was important!) PC Power&Cooling Silencer (front to back airflow was important!) ASUS 8600 GT Silent (fanless) 2xChassis fan (1xAntec w/ Molex connector, 1xEnermax w/ mobo connector) Epoxied bolts w/ steel/plastic flange nuts so i could make micro adjustments to the board height if necessary (as the bottom pegs were right on the case lip this was necessary to keep the board perfectly level): PS: No need for JB weld steel/epoxy [although it would look better] just avoid any fast set or marine epoxies and you'll be able to lift the entire case from any bolt;) Dremelled the usual places for mobo and power supply: Reinforced the power supply w/ two internal screws (into existing taps) This is the most "natural" airflow for the P/S (vs. a P/S with vertical air) Also dremelled a small opening behind the 4th HD bay for the mobo/CPU/GPU and SATA power cords This way I'm not pulling a {censored} load of cables through the bridge and to the front of the case and down Used vamp clips to tap 3.3/5.5/12/ground leads for the front panel roughing the USB and Power leads (Firewire used a regular fw800 cable) Tapped new guides for a rear chassis fan (blows out) Testing the cabling and airflow (decided to disable rear fan led) Connecting everything and cleaning it up w/ zip ties, cable covers, case clips Epoxied another chassis fan to a strip of aluminum then epoxied that to the front/base, added plastic sheeting to ensure cold air is drawn 100% externally Used a Pioneer 217DBK (should perhaps have used a white 217D? whatever, ejects flawlessly once the pioneer's plastic tray/cover removed) Front panel at work, cat absorbs any stray EMF;)
  4. josh256

    H61N-USB3 on Sierra with Clover

    *Solved* With both my prior dsdt and the one's linked in this thread the recent 10.12.4 Sierra Installer did not support the HDMI interface. Afterward installation, changing to the HDMI interface worked. Anyone having issues with a KP in Sierra when initializing the HD3000 display/graphics towards the end of boot? I'm stable in 10.11.6 using the dsdt.aml and config.plist from this thread but get a reboot at display init.. disabling reboot on KP with clover I just get a flash of garble then a black screen. H61N-USB3 F8
  5. [sOLVED] I'm getting issues in Safari/Chrome/Firefox loading web pages.. "No data received ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE" I know this seems like a trivial MTU issue however: 1) Auto and/or 1500 worked on all native and chameleon releases prior to Clover/El Capitan (This is a MacPro1,1) 2) I'm on cable highspeed, with 1500 MTU.. pings @1500bytes are working implying this is a TCP issue 3) Adjusting the MTU makes no difference on both Wifi and Wired Has anyone encountered this since El Capitan? EDIT: Looks like this was due to a 3rd party kernel extension that only functioned correctly pre-10.11 - https://discussions.apple.com/thread/5746569?start=0&tstart=0- in this case it was an app called "Covenant Eyes", lol... Thx! JK
  6. josh256

    H61N-USB3 on Sierra with Clover

    Out of curiosity does this dsdt have the HDMI audio edits as well (I'd test but this is for my father's build)? Thanks for the post
  7. I just encountered this error tonight attempting to restore an OSX dmg to a brand new USB stick [8GB]. I did *not* encounter the error earlier today w/ two older USB sticks [8GB and 16GB]. Will do some more testing and post my results later tonight however I will say this new stick is no name and the old [working] sticks are Corsair and Centon. UPDATE: I've purchased and tested a second no name stick and have the same issue at the very end of the validation. I have also tried the restore on another mac and have the same problem w/ the no name sticks. I have also verified that the Centon and Corsair don't have any issues restoring the same dmg so it's definitely these lower quality USB sticks at fault NOTE Although these sticks fail verification they both work after being reconnected. EG OS detects volume as bootable, they do boot the Mac OS X Installer and install OS X successfully. So if you're encountering the error at the very end of the DMG restore process it would appear to be cosmetic.
  8. Certain Macs seem to be fussier than others when it comes to booting from USB. A solution I've found that works on all Intel Macs as well as the [few] G4s I've encountered is as follows - assuming you have a *valid* USB boot volume that doesn't work on specific/problematic macs but does on others: - connect the USB drive - power the mac on and hold option key - a boot menu will appear without the USB drive listed as a bootable volume - disconnect/reconnect the USB drive, whenever possible to a different USB port - the USB drive should be re-detected and the new boot volume should appear as an option (if it doesn't appear there's a very good chance the volume isn't partitioned/blessed correctly) - select the new boot volume and hit enter Found it very frustrating that my OSX recover/install thumb drive worked 100% of the time on both my Mac Pro and Macbook Pro and 0% of the time on my wife's macbook and friend's iMac G4. This worked in both cases.
  9. josh256

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    I didn't discount that. I stated I have time to address quieter cooling (while I wait for better driver support). Which 470? Even at idle (30% fan speed) my 470 is louder than my entire system (mostly Corsair). I agree re: water.. I'm prob going to drop a water block on mine as I don't want to loose another 2-slots to a custom/air solution.. However, I don't like the fact that I need to spend more on cooling than I did on the card to bring dB down to reasonable level. Thermal [cooling/noise/etc] is the single most common complaint about the Fermi followed by power consumption. A number of the newer cards incorporate better/proprietary cooling than the early reference models. Great example being ASUS DirectCU series however I think they are only available on the newer GF104.. http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/MSI/GTX...rozr_II/28.html IMHO "Quiet" is my Mac Pro at idle or in a game and my 470 alone is *far* noisier in both cases.
  10. josh256

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Doesn't the 465 need to be nvflashed into a 470 before it will work? I could be wrong *now* but I'm certain that for a select few that was the case shortly after this thread began.. and more time to figure out how to cool these things *quietly*!!!
  11. josh256

    fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    Regarding the Black Screen: I have encountered two types of black screens: 1) Panic while loading video kexts 2) Failure of video kexts to load and/or display to detect correctly In the case of the later, your IP address will be pingable *and* SSH, remote desktop, etc functional (so you can remote in from another mac and correct the problem). If you can not ping the NIC then generally you have a panic.
  12. Sorry folks, I received a few PMs on this but can't confirm anything since it was last summer and I needed >1920x1200 (using a 30") I abandoned my HDMI card at that time. It was Leopard (vs. Snow) and I had used a number of injectors at various times (NVinject and NVenabler, PC EFI, and modded dsdt)
  13. josh256

    Snow Leopard 10.6 Retail on HP Mini 1000

    Happy to report sleep is working on my Mini 1000 (2GB, F13 bios) Installed Snow using the infamous mini 9's netbook installer.. Originally I used the pre-compiled dsdt.aml from the myhpmini thread (linked above) and was not able to sleep [for more than 5 minutes].. Since then something has corrected the issue. Work done: - Applied all system updates - Installed VoodooPS2, relocated to /Extra/Extensions and corrected ownership/permissions in Contents/Plugins dir Install and checked trackpad driver (install completes w/ a system kext can not be loaded error) sudo mv /System/Library/Extensions/VoodooPS2Controller.kext /Extra/Extensions sudo chown root:wheel /Extra/Extensions/VoodooPS2Controller.kext/Contents/Plugins sudo chmod 755 /Extra/Extensions/VoodooPS2Controller.kext/Contents/Plugins (recursive changes unnecessary, just Plugins directory permissions were off) - Removed AppleACPIPS2Nub [else kernel panic when combined with VoodooPS2] and ApplePS2Controller from /Extra/Extensions - dsdt.aml (from myhpmini.com) in both / and /Extra (sorry, not sure which location is preferred/correct) - Manual rebuild of kernel extensions' caches: kextcache -v 1 -t -m /Extra/Extensions.mkext /Extra/Extensions/ /System/Library/Extensions/ kextcache -v 1 -t -m /System/Library/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches/Startup/Extensions.mkext /System/Library/Extensions/ Sleeping for 12 hours w/o hibernation seemed to have very little drain on the battery (I have pmset hibernate to 0 and hibernate free ratio to 5). Will attempt hibernation tonight but I *really like* how fast the sleep resumes so I would keep hibernate free ratio no higher than 5%. Also going to install Snow on a second Mini 1000 tonight (1GB RAM).. will post sleep results..
  14. josh256

    Any Success on an Asus P5B?

    As a side I suspect non-VM variants of the P5B would work fairly well.. my ongoing issue is lack of AHCI on the uATX (According to Netkas Snow Leo requires patched kexts for this).
  15. josh256

    Any Success on an Asus P5B?

    I have a P5B-VM SE and I haven't had any luck yet (started last night). Unfortunately my P5B VM (uATX) doesn't support AHCI.. I have tried swapping IOATAFamily's stock AppleIntelPIIXATA with the new Netkas plugin/kext but still hangs at waiting for root device. Keep in mind 10.5.8's stock IOATA family of kexts also do not boot and hang waiting for root dev - the workaround is to use older and/or patched ICH9 kexts - so this doesn't really come as a surprise however I am looking forward to resolving the issue with SL!
  16. josh256

    Attansic L1 Driver Project

    Just an FYI - on 10.5.7 w/ VMware Fusion I get consistent/replicable panics.. found nothing in any of the logs but would be willing to share more information if anyone's interested (at this point I'm going to order an PCI-e X4 NIC).. (L1 on a P5b-VM SE)
  17. josh256

    Another Mac Pro Case Mod

    Scored the case from another insanelymac user.. there were some on ebay, the G5 cases are cheaper *and* easier to hack so would grab that instead (unless you have some uncommon need for 2xDVD-ROMs).. PS: Just installed my Xecutuer CK3 Pro.. flashing my first ixtreme 1.6 with the Mac Pro case/hack
  18. josh256

    All Bootcamp Drivers for vista

    w00t thanks!
  19. josh256

    15 inch unibody to 17 inch unibody

    definitely not possible.. If you could get a 17" unibody+mobo you could try transferring the 15"'s CPU/RAM and the 17"s panel.. but teknojunkie's right, best to sell both then buy a 17" outright. I'm upgrading from a 15" MBP to a 15" MBP-unibody (post WWDC'09).. with the new 8GB support and battery isn't the only difference screen res (at the cost of an enormous body)?
  20. josh256

    ASUS P5B-VM SE: Help needed

    Folks this mobo works fine with the 1008 firmware.. OS X does *not* require AHCI support (although it is recommended for hot-swap and minor performance boosts in server environments). I have installed both Kalyway (tedious EFI) and iDeneb (quick) w/o issue.. During iDeneb install select optional packages: ICH X (8, 9, 10 support) Attansic L1 ALC 883 3+3digital (unless you enable AC'97 in bios in which case its 3+3analogue) NVdarwin 512MB (in my case as using a PCI-E 8600 512MB card) P5B-VM SE Bios Settings: IDE SATA#1 Config: enable [enables/disables SATA ports 1+2] SATA#2 Config: enable [enables/disables SATA ports 3+4] Write Protect: Disabled IDE Detect Time: 35sec JMB368 Controller: enabed [enables/disables IDE port] <-- enable if you are using an IDE device CPU: C1E: Enabled Max CPUID: Disabled VT: Enabled CPU TM: Enabled Execute Disable: Enabled EIST: Enabled Northbridge: Memory Remap: Enabled (necessary if >3GB of RAM) Memory Hole: Disabled Mode Select: Disabled Peg Port: Auto Force X1: Disabled Power: Suspend Mode: S3 only ACPI Version: v2.0 (3.0 may also work, need to verify with AppleACPI.kext) USB: BIOS EHCI Hand-off: Enabled (Necessary for EHCI support - otherwise no highspeed USB devices!) ***Edit: the Attansic L1 driver is not perfect, I've had a handful panics.. a lot w/ VMware Fusion - buy a PCI-E x4 NIC if you plan on using VMware *or* plan on upgrading to Snow Leopard [as the Attansic.kext likely won't port***
  21. Working: ** Updated: Everything working fine on Leopard ** Patched: USB2 EHCI (use Darwin 9.0.0 for Leoaprd) http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...=USB+EHCI+2.5.6 NIC (BCM5789 - no longer needs to be loaded outside of Extensions on Leopard, simply replace original) http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=51889 Audio (Out working): http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...&hl=adi1986 Video: BFG 6800 GT OC 256MB [PCIe] *edit* Switched to a BFG 7950 GT OC, did the gotoh bios mod (MacVidia forums) and switched from Natit to NVInject *edit* Switched to an 8600 GT Silent as Leopard drives the GPU hotter/louder (using 10.5.2 kexts and NVinject 2.x)
  22. josh256

    Shuttle SD39P2 Working

    Just a quick update.. some of the vanilla/Leo ACPI kexts worked with the screen saver, others didn't.. if you're having a problem with the screen saver (not coming on) you can revert AppleACPI to correct.. ..This is accurate up to/including 10.5.7 as I no longer have my shuttle.
  23. Apologies for yet another mATX thread but I'm looking for an updated X58 [socket 1366] based mobo. Unfortunately all forum and google searches haven't turned up a single hit so far. I'm especially curious in hearing any ASUS Rampage II Gene experiences since this is the only mATX X58 board I've found so far. *edit: found a DFI LanParty X58 mATX board also Cheers, Josh
  24. Will be building a 12GB X58+ system later this year (will need to be uATX for my Mac Pro case).. so will post results then. But no, last weekend I bailed on the ASUS Rampage II Gene for two reasons: 1) Unconfirmed Leopard compatibility - no responses at all *assumed* I could get it most/all working as I've bought bleeding edge before (w/ the Shuttle) but with no confirmations and a build cost well over $1200 I was leaning towards carrying my old Q6600 forward until someone posts something about the Snow Leo WWDC hardware support.. which leads to #2 2) Highly prospective Snow Leopard compatibility When I do drop $1000+ I want to know for certain that the system is >90% snow leo compatible.. this means 64-bit NIC driver support [likely native NIC support only] as I don't want to loose a slot in a uATX system for a supported NIC.. I'm already loosing the PCI slot to my VT6421 card which I *will never give up* for ixtreme reasons;) So I built a Mac Pro case hack, P5B-VM SE, Q6600, 8GB system.. somewhat temporary (as will likely upgrade for snow leopard and more RAM support) but a HELL of a lot cheaper than the X58/6GB alternative.. I needed 8GB+ as I'm running a VCP/ESX certification lab in Fusion (which would benefit from 9+ GB optimally).
  25. josh256

    Realtek 8168/8111 solution

    Denden, Highly doubt this would work. There isn't anything on Realtek.com.tw that isn't ancient, the most recently dated OS X driver is for 10.0.2 and there isn't anything beyond 10.2.0..