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Leopard 9a527 file sharing not working


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Some people just don't bother reading up on the release notes before installing new software:

Known Limitations:

- Cisco VPN does not work in this seed. If you have it installed your system may become sluggish. To correct this, remove the Cisco VPN software from the StartupItems folder and restart.

- Font validation and installation are very slow in this seed. Users should turn off validation in the Font Book preferences.

- Installation will not succeed if your system has a SCSI PCI host adapter card and a connected SCSi drive. Power down your SCSI drive before installing the seed.

- Files copied using SMB to a Windows server may become corrupt. Copies from Windows to Mac OS X Leopard or from Leopard to another Mac OS X server work correctly.

- Sometimes AFP share points mount as Read-only.

- If your installations are failing on a busy network, unload the ALF.kext from the start of the installer: 1. Choose your install language. 2. Switch from the Installer to the Terminal. 3. Type "/sbin/kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/ALF.kext". 4.Quit Terminal and continue the install.

- Performing firmware updates will result in an error dialog upon restart. Despite the warning, firmware updates will install successfully. To suppress the dialog, open the Accounts preference and manually remove the updater from your login items.

- If you choose to migrate or perform an Archive and Install over an earlier Leopard system, your user-installed applications may not be copied to the new system.

- The Parallels Desktop installer sets the wrong permissions on /. You can change them back by typing "sudo chmod 1775 / && sudo chgrp admin /"

- If you use Archive & Install to install the seed or perform a user migration you may get a dialog asking for your password for SC helper.

- Address Book Syncing does not work in the seed. It's best to turn off syncing of contacts to .Mac.

- The MP4 AAC codec (in AudioCodecs.component) - API wapper codes have been completely re-factored. Please test your AAC applications for compatibility.

- Quartz Composer based iTunes visualizers are now in the build and should be tested. You can create your own Quartz Composer developer application and install it in ~/Library Compositions.

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