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well it´s a long time since i wrote on the forum, and i´m asking again cuz of the new laptops that have been realeased recently,

i´m looking for a powerfull laptop but i don have a lot of money i actually just have $1000 and i´m looking to buy a laptop to do

some of my work, some graphic desing, websites development, animations and video editing.


I have seen the dell vostro, but actually the most suitable configuration it´s over my budget and i have llok the HP dv6500t that has almost the same configuration as the dell vostro, but i think there are more laptops, in USA stores that could giveme some power that i need to work, and of course more compatibility with osx86, i´m actually considering to buy a macbook but i´m thinkiong that the graphic card it´s not enought for me.


If you can please recomendme some other laptops more compatible or more powerfull could be grate.


Thx :(

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Get a MacBook- you won't be disapppointed. Honestly, you're not going to get a better (or obviously more compatible) laptop for under $1000.00. If you're looking to save some $$$, Apple often has great deals on refurbs (currently they have a MacBook for $849.00 with free shipping!) I've always purchased refurbs and never had a problem (they even have the full 1 year warranty with the option to pick up Applecare!)


Good luck in whatever you decide!

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I have Lenovo N100 3000 with configuration you talking about (there are many different configurations named N100!!!) and as I am grephic designer, I may say it is faster and more stable than my 24" iMac!!!

Of corse, no soun and no wireless, but if graphic design tools is what zou need to work perfect and smooth, N100 is more than best option!


I have 1220c HP printer, and it work well too.

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