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  1. Snow Leopard on Bad Axe 2

    Well, I've had a little bit of success at this point. The kernel panic that I was experiencing was related to IOATA kext. I deleted the SL version and replaced it with the 10.5.8 version and was able to boot in -x32 mode. Everything seemed to work- including sleep and my graphics card (with EFI method) Unfortunately, the system isn't stable yet- I had the Disk Utility error about no packages installed, so went to install SL on another partition from within SL (a fix for this issue). Immediately upon beginning the install, however, I get a kernel panic. Still working on it. . .anyone have any ideas?
  2. Snow Leopard on Bad Axe 2

    I'm anxious to try out SL,but haven't installed it on any of my real macs yet- I'm waiting for my retail upgrade DVD ; ) I love my badaxe2 hackintosh and it's been working perfectly with the retail 10.5.8 ultimate badaxe pre/post cd. Everything works, including sleep and sound. I REALLY would like to try SL on the badaxe, it's got to work since it's so compatible with Leopard!
  3. Snow Leopard on Bad Axe 2

    I'm also having KPs on Snow Leopard on my Badaxe2. My KP during boot is related to there being no secondary PCI IDE device- is that the same KP you're having? Anyone know of a workaround for a 'disabled' (non-existant) secondary PCI IDE controller? Thanks!
  4. Well, after installing and re-installing ad nauseum, I seem to have working sleep! Here's how I did it (with a Vostro 1500 x3100): Installed iAtkosR2. Upgraded to 10.5.2 with the combo update following the instructions from Netkas (and in this thread). I then patched the audio and my 1395 Wifi card. I installed all Software Updates except for the Time Machine update (which breaks my wifi compatibility for some reason. . . maybe I should pick up the 1390 or 1490?) I do experience the repeating key upon waking issue which MacGirl mentioned- but if I hit a key it seems to fix the issue (a small workaround). The keyboard had been unresponsive after waking, but ever since changing from AHCI to SATA in BIOS and changing USB emulation mode to 'off', the issue hasn't recurred (knock on wood!) Hopefully my luck holds out! BTW, now that I have a nearly fully functional install, what is the best way to back it up? Should I boot iAtkos and use Disk Utility to create an image of the drive? Can disk utility even see an external drive when booted from the iAtkos disc? AFAIK, the Vostro won't boot OSX86 from an external drive, will it? Thanks for everyone's help on this forum!
  5. Although my Vostro 1500 (x3100 graphics) is now waking from sleep and now SOMETIMES the trackpad/keyboard works. . . it doesn't ALWAYS work!!! How do I do a 'Retail Install'? Is there a guide you could kindly point me to in order to do this? I would REALLY like to get sleep reliably working. . . Thanks in advance!
  6. THANKS so much, Macgirl, for your EXCELLENT GUIDE! I have, however, been trying to get sleep to work on my Vostro 1500 and am VERY CLOSE!!! My laptop will sleep and will now wake from sleep, but the keyboard and trackpad won't wake up : ( If I plug in an external USB Mouse/Keyboard I can control the laptop, but this is obviously not ideal. . . Does anyone know how to get my keyboard/trackpad to function again after my laptop wakes up? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
  7. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Thanks for your response. I installed with iAtkosir2, since I couldn't get Kalyway 10.5.1 to install for some reason. Is there a guide to installing it on this laptop? Does it work with the x3100, or does one need an external monitor to install it? Do both cores of your CPU work? I have everything except for the battery meter and sleep working. I would really like sleep, but am reluctant to start again from scratch. . . . It's interesting, though, since Kalyway lets my badaxe2 hackintosh sleep wheras no other install did. . . It would be cool if I could get it working on the Vostro without doing a complete reinstall!
  8. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    I REALLY want to get sleep working on this thing but have had NO luck! What installation method did you use? iAtkosir2? Which kernel are you using (I don't recognize 'atm'- I'm using the Netkas kernel and have tried the sleep shutdown fix 9.2.0 and the speedstep). Interestingly, I have only once or twice seen the kernel panic at shutdown/restart. It usually works without fail! But I really would love to get sleep working to conserve battery life without having to constantly shut down. . .
  9. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Just FYI, I fix the audio issue I was having. I'm not sure exactly what fixed it, though, but I THINK that it was running Leopard Cache Cleaner and 'deep cleaning' ALL caches and running all the routine maintainance, as well. I did this after running the audiofix and no longer have any audio issues of note (well, mute still doesn't work and I haven't tried the line-in but I think it works). . . Now I just want sleep to work (I can live without the battery indicator, although I'm sure I could get it working). What is the best way to back up the system so that it can be quickly restored? Can I boot OSX86 on the Vostro 1500 from an external drive?
  10. Sigmatel 9205 with iATKOS (Leopard)

    Logic Pro problem Vostro 1500 HELP!!! I have a Vostro 1500 with the 9205. I've intalled iatkosir2 multiple times, but always have the same issue. Although the sound patch works well (even the volume buttons, but not the mute), the patch always causes Logic Pro 8 to crash. Furthermore, even if I delete AppleHDA and the two other files, the crashing problem persists! Do you think using v 1.18 of Taruga would help? Is there anything else I can do to reverse the patch if it continues to F**K up Logic? I'm getting SICK of re-installing software and have things basically set up perfectly except for this issue. I'm almost resigned to buying an external USB for sound (but would obviously prefer to have the built-in speakers work) Has anyone experienced this issue? Logic Pro starts up, but then makes an error sound and say it 'unexpectedly quit'. It works fine if I don't use Taruga (but then I can only use it when my M-Audio Ozone is hooked up). I would REALLY like to get this working. . . then the only things missing are the battery meter (using vanilla stock kernel & kexts) and sleep! Thanks for ANY help you can offer!
  11. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Never Mind. . . Got it figured out! Turns out the x3100 is somewhat flaky with OSX86, so the first time booting, the screen goes black. You need to unplug the AC, close the lid and let it sit for 11 minutes. After 11 minutes, open it up and the screen should come on. When on the desktop, set it to 'Never' sleep and make one of the corners a 'hot corner' for display sleep. Everytime you boot, you have to go mouse to and from the 'sleep' corner in order to get the display to turn on. It works GREAT! I only have one problem now (got the 1395 Wifi working). . .Although the audio will work with the patch in this thread, it seems to cause some appz to crash (most notably, Logic Pro). I really would like to get the audio working, or at least have a convenient way to turn it on and off . . . I haven't found any way yet : (
  12. Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    HELP! I've followed this guide, but my system hangs during boot! My specs: Vostro 1500 2gb Ram 160 Gb HD x3100 Dell 1395 Using the iAtkosir2, I ran Disk Utility and partitioned exactly as indicated (one free space, one HFS+ MBR). Installed using EFI & Broadcom and then flagged as bootable with Gparted Live CD. When booting, though, my system hangs right after loginwindow loads. Sometimes it hangs at a spotlight error ":No index found". . . I'm getting rather frustrated. Has anyone else experienced this? How can I fix it? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
  13. Sleep well :O)

    My Badaxe 2 now sleeps/wakes PERFECTLY with Kalyway 10.5.1 + 10.5.2 update! I had been trying in vain to get my S3 sleep to work, but the system would NEVER wake up! With a clean install of Kalyway, S3 now works - I have a MSI Nvidia 7600GS PCI-X card and a Saffire Firewire audio card and everything works GREAT! Hope this helps!
  14. iPhone beats Windows Mobile in Sales

    Not so sure about this. Of course, Apple only wants their OS on Apple computers! But, one can install Quicktime, iTunes, Bonjour, etc on any supported OS. Further, MS has stopped making Windows Media Player for Mac, their WMA files WILL NOT PLAY on any other OS (unlike Apple which uses media open standards), the Zune ONLY works with Windows, etc, etc. Talk about proprietary, MS's XBOX doesn't even use standard HARD DRIVES! With the iPod, I can pull out the 1.8" HD and put in any Toshiba 1.8" HD, restore system software, and I'm back in business. Heck, MS even wanted to have the rights to a proprietary version of Java (an OPEN standard!). WMA, Zune, Xbox, NTFS, etc, etc- NO ONE is more proprietary than MS! -Phil A meanT
  15. [Poll] Are you homosexual?

    I'm straight, but I'm also F*CKING SICK of people justifying their bigotry under the guise of Christianity or the Bible. CHeck it: Jesus himself NEVER mentions homosexuality, but he DOES CALL being divorced and re-married an 'abomination' because it is 'adultery'! Does that mean you can't be DIVORCED and RE-MARRIED and be a CHRISTIAN! Don't forget that the Bible (the OLD Testament) also prohibits pre-marital sex, masturbation, sex with a woman who's menstruating (sorry, don't mean to GROSS OUT the {censored} people on this forum ; ) oral sex, etc, etc. . . Anybody who claims that being {censored} is against Christians principles, but doesn't say the same about re-marriage (which Jesus himself hated more, and which REALLY threatens marriage) is a f*cking hypocrite!