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Yet another hackintosh system $556

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Hi there, lurker for a couple of weeks here and thought I would make my first post with what I recently have purchased and am awaiting to recieve in the mail.


GIGABYTE GA-P35-S3L Motherboard $70

Crucial Ballistix 2GB DDR2 PC2 6400 Ram $100

XFX GeForce 7900GS 256MB DDR3 $136

Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (will overclock from 2.66 to 3+ Ghz) $210

Cheapy Case with 500w PSU $40


Spent $556 total which even includes shipping/taxes.


And then I'll just use the hard drive and dvd burner I already have. Everything look good so far though? I'll be doing web design and video editing on this badboy. (and maybe some gaming here and there) :)

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well i installed os x86 and everything runs smooth except i can't get audio working and ide drives don't work in os x86. i just threw in a sata drive and that worked. is there an idiots guide to get ALC889A working? :wacko:


well the power supply is 550w and I am only taking up about 425w so I don't think it should be a problem. would it?

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