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  1. Thanks.. at least my Intel d945gtp board see the on board card now.. What a struggle to get it to work under SL.. Yeah.. it works after removing the other AppleIntel82xxx.kext's out of IONetwokingFamily..
  2. Abysmal

    ALC269 for Snow Leopard

    I just got a an ASUS N51VN-A1 with an nVidia GT240M and a ALC269.. I've got video to work, but no sound.. I've tried various patches and I'm and learning how to do pin config'ing for voodoo, but its a work in progress.. Any help would be appreciated, and I am sure others would be appreciative as well.. Right now with the latest SL voodoo installed I get the sound icon on the bar but the volume is diabled, and all thats listed are the hdmi outs for the videocard, but nothing for the acl269. The last thing to note is that plugging in a pair of headphoned, the driver is outputting the sound from the internal mic.. So I am hoping.. Abysmal attached are my dumps.. getdump.txt getExtDump.txt
  3. Abysmal

    Is this worth fixing..

    For what its worth, I removed the 7 or 8 nvidia files from S/L/E and rebuilt my caches, rebooted and low and behold.. It works.. its a little slower than normal, and there is no accelerated video, but considering it was destined for the garbage.. its pretty good. I got a call in with a buddy for repair history and price of a wholesale video card for it.. So yes Virgina, there is a Santa Claus.
  4. Abysmal

    Is this worth fixing..

    its a 7600gt card.. Still same faulty chip line or what? And I've looked around the usual places, and the cheapest I could find was 200 USD.. anyone know a place to get a better price, I'm in Canada and usually get raped in shipping costs, and local dealers want even more.
  5. Abysmal

    Is this worth fixing..

    Thanks for the info guys.. The ram is the matched pair of 512's / 667 from my mini so its not a ram mismatch.. But I'll try anyways.. I spoke with a buddy and he's gonna run the history on the machine via apple and give me a diagnostic disk, so I'll start there, and I'll post logs when I get a chance to.. What I don't understand is how can it be a blown GPU if I'm getting full graphic resolution in save mode with no drivers, but I do agree that it happens when the drivers are enabled, with that graphics mode switch. Is there any way I can force the EFI/Firmware to be redone?? Abysmal
  6. I got a call from a buddy on his iMac 24 inch ( Early 2006 I think ).. He just got back from out East and he had someone else work on his machine ( which he has now replaced ) but here's the details.. Was having what seemed to be harddrive issues, so he had someone at his school take a look at it, and they butchered it. I have replaced the hard drive and put a gig of ram in it and I can get it to work ONLY in safe mode - I get the White Screen of Death ( which kicks in when the system does the video init ) - the fan in the back is on full ( video i think ) all the time - PRAM, PMU and SCM have been reset ( multiple times ) - The camera is seen but displays only black ( is this because of safe mode ) - no sound icon, but system chimes ( safe mode again?? ) - The boot time seems really long, and it took forever to get a new os installed So any ideas here, I'm no repair tech, but this sounds like a board level replacement of something, main board, video card etc. So since he has replaced the unit with a new laptop, this dysfunction toy is mine and I am wondering if its worth the repair costs if it is even repairable. Thanks Abysmal
  7. Wow.. for the price of the Envy, you could get a real mac plus plus plus..
  8. I wish it were only so simple to get it to run on my msi wind.. Abysmal
  9. Abysmal

    Retail 10.6 for Asrock owners

    Thanks for the heads up.. this will be my task next week Yeah!! now if I only had info on my d945gtp and p5dl2 Deluxe boards I would be a happy camper Abysmal
  10. Anyone got Snow working on these boards?? - Asus P5LD2-Deluxe - Intel d945GTPLKR - ASRock ConRoe 1333-D667 Abysmal
  11. I wish I could find one of these locally here in Canada.. I'd love to get the 8 gig board..
  12. I have been looking for a new mobo to replace my aging d956gtp intel board, and have been trying to find a board that will (should) be good enough for a quad cpu for Snow Leopard.. This board looks amazing.. and from what I have read so far ( still 28 pages of messages to go ) its almost perfect.. So everything works 100%??? Sound In / out / Sleep/wake etc.. all of the standard stuff?? And what about dual monitors with the vga/hdmi ports?? The info would be appreciated. and is anyone running Snow Leopard on it yet?? Abysmal
  13. Abysmal

    Dell Vostro 1500 Mega Thread

    Hey All.. I am trying to get my friends Vostro 1500 ( gma3100 ) to work with osx.. but I have tried 3 different distos ( its what I had available ) JaS 10.5.2 and Kalyways 10.5.1 and 10.5.2.. will install but Won't boot after the install.. and just hang.. What would be the best distro to start from?? and is anyone with a 1500 running 10.5.5 yet?? Thanks Abysmal
  14. Abysmal


    I'd love to test.. the board is a g945 intel d945plnkr board with a dual core cpu..
  15. Abysmal

    Beta Testers for iPC OSx86 Universal

    I would love to help test the beta.. I have an intel d945gtplkr board that needs to be redone.. its a dual core processor so I'll need a patched kernel.. are you guys using the xnu voodoo kernels?? PM Sent Abysmal