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Partitioning/triple boot help


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Hi, well i'm trying to triple boot my mac with ubuntu and xp. I'm following this guide:




I get to the partitioning part using disk utility, but I get the following error:


macbooks-computer:~ macbook$ diskutil list


#: type name size identifier

0: GUID_partition_scheme *55.9 GB disk0

1: EFI 200.0 MB disk0s1

2: Apple_HFS Macintosh HD 55.0 GB disk0s2

macbooks-computer:~ macbook$ sudo diskutil resizeVolume disk0s2 28G "Linux" "Linux" 10G "MS-DOS FAT32" "Windows" 17G


Started resizing on disk disk0s2 Macintosh HD


Resizing Volume

50% ..Restarting resize 50% ..Restarting resize 50% ..Restarting resize 50% ..Restarting resize


Resizing encountered error Too many links (31) on disk disk0s2 Macintosh HD

macbooks-computer:~ macbook$


Can anyone help please?

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I am running XP/Ubuntu/OSx86.


I haven't taken a look at your guide, but it appears you are in the process of setting up partitions for installation, correct?


In which case, I would try using Ubuntu's LiveCD and opening GParted.  This is a sort of "Disk Utility" through Linux.  The benefit here is you can modify the (mostly) entire hard drive without running into "Disk in use!" errors.


I'm not familiar with the error message you're getting, but I'd give the above a try.

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