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pc dell vostro 200 st d09vs3


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Just got a vostro 200st with ati x1300, & had a go, but with mixed results...


ICH9 chipset, SATA HDD & DVD - ide mode set in bios, could not install directly with uphuck 10.4.9v4i rev3 v3 universal, nor with an older Jas 10.4.6... The DVD would freeze halfway through waiting for root device.


Created an XP partition, installed VMWare server, set up the virtual machine as per




- I configured the VM hard disk to point at the real hard disk - then installed uphuck v3 universal on an 0xaf partition.


It works pretty fast inside vm - can see transition effects - but, whenever I try to boot the mac partition 'for real', it gets stuck on 'still waiting for root device'.


I've installed the ICH8 package, & changed the info.plist to try and match ICH9, but no joy so far...


Has anyone got a working ICH9 kext? That might be all that's needed to use this baby properly...


Tia, ;)



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