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  1. err... that's what is for: if you stick a supported card in the half-height slot without flashing the bios, the 311's will refuse to boot up because of the whitelist!
  2. HP 311 NVIDIA 9400M Kexts

    Thanks for the clarification! I'll have to look at the whole DSDT thing, sounds really interesting. The graphics card is working really well already, I was just being greedy, tbh! I suppose the only way I'd get a newer renderer version is if I upgrade to at least 10.6.3, which I'm not too keen on doing just yet. Thanks again poofyhairguy, much appreciated!
  3. HP 311 NVIDIA 9400M Kexts

    I've recently followed LeMaurien19's excellent installation guide and I've now got a pretty much flawless macMini running 10.6.2 (Merci madame, vous etes une vraie inspiration! ). I've got to admit, getting a new AirPort card & flashing the bios was 'a bit' worrying, but well worth it! Don't know how I managed without a working wireless & full connectivity after resuming from sleep! However, ever the perfectionist, there's still one very minor niggle I'd like to resolve: the graphic card is seen as a GeForce 9400M, and all seems well. But, and there's a but: the video renderer identifies itself as NVIDIA GeForce Pre-Release ION OpenGL Engine, version: 2.1 NVIDIA-1.6.6 ( at least that's the info I get with the OpenGL extension viewer utility ) Is there a more recent kext I can use, so I can get rid of the dreaded Pre-Release tag, and possibly get even better performance out of the graphic card? And if so, where can I get it? Any help greatly appreciated!
  4. OSX86MX, you've said it soo much better than I ever could! on windows you might want to use shareware like ultraiso, magiciso or blazeiso, & in linux ISO Master is pretty good! I've no idea if these programs actually work ok with the mac filesystem inside the iso, though. OSX86MX's method should be the safest one. Might also want to burn the new iso to a DVD-RW instead of DVD-R, so you can reuse the disc for a new project afterwards... Thanks OSX86MX!
  5. SATA boot with ICH9

    tried native install with uphuck, but dvd freezes halfway waiting for root device. I'm getting jas 10.4.8 atm, it seems to be the one everyone is using for ICH9... should have it in a day or so. Keep them suggestions coming, though! I've got the feeling that I've missed something really obvious...
  6. Using VMWare I've installed uphuck 10.4.9 v3 universal to a primary partition on the phisical hard disk. HD: Seagate ST 3320620AS SATA controllers: 2x intel ICH9 SATA Controller ids: 0x29268086 (2 ports) & 0x29208086 (4 ports) works inside VMW, but not when I try to boot native. I set Info.plist inside AppleAHCIPort.kext to match 29208086, but it stops waiting for root device. This was with -v -f options on boot. After booting in vmw, I changed the plist to match 29268086, restarted with -v -f, but still no joy. All I can do from bios is to set sata in either ide or raid mode. Tried both, but with exactly the same result. Well, windows doesn't load when in raid mode. Any idea about what I'm doing wrong? Cheers!
  7. Small update, I found two ICH9 kexts but no joy with those either. Looks like I'll start a separate thread for that subject. Will let you know if I manage to run OSX natively!
  8. err... I really didn't want to say, but: niket_304: copy 'AppleAPIC.kext' to /System/Library/Extensions s.sajit: copy 'AppleSMBIOS.kext' to /System/Library/Extensions the kext needs to replace the one already inside /System/Library/Extensions, then you need to change ownership & permissions on it. to replace stuff: drag & drop, when the computers tells you 'hey, there's already one of these inside this directory, do you want me to replace it?' say yes... If you know what you're doing you can modify a disk image, burn & see if it works... Myself, I prefer installing to a partition using VMWare, then work my way up from there... Hope this helps
  9. Just got a vostro 200st with ati x1300, & had a go, but with mixed results... ICH9 chipset, SATA HDD & DVD - ide mode set in bios, could not install directly with uphuck 10.4.9v4i rev3 v3 universal, nor with an older Jas 10.4.6... The DVD would freeze halfway through waiting for root device. Created an XP partition, installed VMWare server, set up the virtual machine as per http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...7_or_10.4.8_ISO - I configured the VM hard disk to point at the real hard disk - then installed uphuck v3 universal on an 0xaf partition. It works pretty fast inside vm - can see transition effects - but, whenever I try to boot the mac partition 'for real', it gets stuck on 'still waiting for root device'. I've installed the ICH8 package, & changed the info.plist to try and match ICH9, but no joy so far... Has anyone got a working ICH9 kext? That might be all that's needed to use this baby properly... Tia, Ceetooo