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  1. GMA X4500

    hi guys, my l300 (PSLB8A) has had great success with this patch, my one occasionall even registers QC/QE on the odd event that I start in safe mode THNX for this
  2. to install iatkos on the hp notebook, you will need a flash drive with the hp addons for the darwin/x86 bootloader & to get past the black screen you will need to press f8 then -v & read the error then type it in on google. If the error is "unable to take control from bios", reboot then wait like 20 mins for the real installer to load then install EVERY driver except the vga drivers. those drivers cause the bug! cheers
  3. Toshiba Laptops OSx86

    Hi All, I have recently & succesfully got my toshiba l300 to run osx86 with all working except wifi (Atheros chip) Go to the 3rd party drivers section (google it) & find your drivers cheers 3rd party drivers (google it) i got all my l300s parts going (no wifi)
  4. Hi i downloaded kalyway 10.5.2 and when i try to install it on my laptop the screen turns white and then nothing happens. The last lines that appeared in my screen before it turned white where the following: Loading darwin/x86 Loading kernel [mach kernel] Loading HFS+ file [mach kernel] from 422d690 Loading HFS+ file [mach kernel] from 422d690 Loaddriver: loading from [system/library/extension.mkext] Loading HFS+ file [system/library/extension.mkext] from 422d690 Loading HFS+ file [system/library/extension.mkext] from 422d690 My pc spec are the following: laptop: toshiba l300d hdd: 160gb sata graphics: ati raedon hd3100 processor: amd64 athlon x2 Can anyone give me an idea of what is the problem and how to fix it? And please do not post comments saying:download ipc or ideneb,because what i want is solutions for fixing the prob on kalyway. thanks in advance
  5. Problema Kalyway 10.5.2

    Mas nao ha nada k de para fazer com o kalyway para o por a dar no meu pc e k eu tnh pouco trafego internacional e depois a conta upa upa Cumps
  6. Problema Kalyway 10.5.2

    Boas peço dsclpa por nao ter especificado melhor o prob aqui vao as ultimas coisas k apareceram antes de o ecra ficar branco: Loading darwin/x86 Loading kernel [mach kernel] Loading HFS+ file [mach kernel] from 422d690 Loading HFS+ file [mach kernel] from 422d690 Loaddriver: loading from [system/library/extension.mkext] Loading HFS+ file [system/library/extension.mkext] from 422d690 Loading HFS+ file [system/library/extension.mkext] from 422d690 e vou so corrigir 1 coisa a mnha placa grafica afinal e uma ati radeon hd3100 Cumps
  7. Problema Kalyway 10.5.2

    Boas sakei o kalyway 10.5.2 eu gravei num dvd e quando faço reebot ao pc e meto o dvd ele entra no darwin bootloader e depois eu entro em verbose mode e de repente o ecra do pc fica branco e nao aparece mais nada. alguem me pode dar 1 idea do k sera? o meu pc e o seguinte portatil toshiba l300d disco 160gb sata placa grafica ati raedon hd3200 processador amd64 athlon x2 Cumps
  8. Boas comprei a uns dias um novo portatil e gostaria de saber qual a melhor distribuiçao para o meu pc. As especificaçoes sao as seguintes: Portatil:Toshiba Satelite L300D Memoria Ram:3gb HDD:160gb P.Gráfica:ATI Mobility Radeon 3100 Processador:AMD Athlon X2 QL62 - 2,00GHz Eu estava a pensar em instalar uma das seguintes distros:iDeneb v1.3,kalyway 10.5.2 ou iPC 10.5.6 Agradecia k me pudessem ajudar. cumps
  9. iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 Intel DVD

    Hi anyone knows of a patch to apply to the iATKOS 5i iso for it to work on amd pcs beause i want to install this on my amd pc and i cant download another version or my internet bill will be bigger. PS: I tried to install iATKOS 5i on vmware on the amd pc and it boots but when it gets to the apple logo it appears a sign and it freezes. Here is a image of what appears: Sorry for my bad english im portuguese.
  10. ok thanks a lot i am not going to download the amd version because i am alredy downloading the intel version and its already a lot downloaded. i will just use it on vmware on the amd pc. Ps:Can I install this on vmware on the amd pc? Ps2:I searched on google iAtkos 10.5.5a and it doesnt exist
  11. Hi i am downloading iATKOS 5i 10.5.5 DVD for Intel and its the first time i will install it on a pc and i a have a amd pc and a intel pc and i want to know if i can patch the iATKOS iso for it to work on amd systems?
  12. Hi I just want to know if there is a lite version of mac os x leopard for machines with old specs?
  13. Mac Os X Tiger Lite

    Hi I just want to know if there is any version of osx86 that is lite for running in machines with old specs?
  14. Beneficios de usar EFI con GUID?

    Pues si, una de las principales ventajas de EFI es poder actualizar directamente desde al actualizador de mac. Otra ventaja importante es la de poder utilizar el kernel original de osx sin modificar, con todo lo que ello implica.
  15. Ati Saphire x1550 256mb

    Muy complicado lo tienes compañero...........