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How to instal Leopard without Burning a DL DVD


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Well i just got Leopard 9a499 but i dont have any DL DVD's and wanted to install it and found some instructions on how to do it



Have TWO blank partitions ready. One will be for the installer and the other will be where you install Leopard.




* With your disc image mounted, open the Disk Utility application (Applications -> Utilities).

*if you want to install on teh same drive, make 2 partitions first

* Click the Restore tab (see it near the top of the Disk Utility window? Just after First Aid, Erase and RAID?)

* Drag your DMG file from the list on the left of your Disk Utility window to the ?Source? field.

* Then, drag the icon of the partition you want to put the installer on to the ?Destination? field. Again, do this from the left pane of your Disk Utility window. If you try to do this from the desktop (as I kept trying to do) you?re going to drive yourself bonkers.

* Click the ?Erase Destination? check box so that it shows a check.

* I also skipped the Checksum. You might or might not want to do the same. Your call.

* Click Restore.

* Wait until done.


Once the above is complete you now have a bootable OSX Leopard Install partition.


Or if you have a DL DVD, then just partition the drive however you want and boot from teh CD, and choose the USB drive as the install directory


The thing is that i cant partition my drive i go into Disk Utilities and try to partition it but the options to rename or change the sixe are rey and i cant click them


How can i make the partitions i need and still keep Tiger running after i install Leopard. Kinda like doing a dual boot between them.

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Sorry but could you be a little more specific. I started bootcamp and the nit said to partition the drive for windows os i did but that was only one partition i cant do 2

1. create partition on ur mac with boot camp

2. boot into your mac os x install dvd(came with ur comp) and format the drive to hfs+

3. boot onto mac os x and restore the dmg to the partition that u just formatted

4. boot into that disk and install on ur main partition.

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