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  1. wisequark

    Front Row

    I've had some luck using mira and one of the USB iR receivers that they sell with Leopard. Doesn't help much with the airclick but it's better than nothing. I'm sure someone will come out with a product that will respond to this soon.
  2. wisequark

    Office 2004 Setup Assistant Hanging

    The beta of Office 08 floating around is unstable as anything. I'm having an issue with 2004 where Excel likes to ignore keyboard input. Anyone having this issue?
  3. I'm using Unison with my ISPs news server
  4. I see all 69 rar files but the complete size is only showing up as 1.02GB... I take it that that means he isn't done yet?
  5. wisequark

    Teething problems with 559...

    There's a new version of QuickSilver floating about. Check Google for QuickSilver beta.
  6. wisequark

    No Notes syncing to iPhone?

    I suspect Notes syncing is going down the road of being a .Mac member special.
  7. wisequark

    Time Machine and Airport Disks

    On gigabit you'd get about the same speed you'd get using the drive over USB 2.0. Maybe a little slower. It really depends on the drive at that point.
  8. wisequark

    Time Machine and Airport Disks

    Sean: it would start where it left off and continue until it's done. dgislm: I've got an original one
  9. wisequark

    Time Machine and Airport Disks

    There isn't a progress bar except for the initial back-up. Network transfers will seem slower if you're on something less than gigabit and are backing up files at the time. If you shut down the backup just won't finish. Hourly backups are usually pretty small as it only saves edited files.
  10. wisequark

    Time Machine and Airport Disks

    AirDisk works fine for me and so does backing up to the share via TimeMachine
  11. All the Adobe stuff seems to work fine but InDesign doesn't seem to like quitting. I need to do a force quit to get it to exit. Anyone else experiencing this?
  12. wisequark

    Performance of Leo on a G4?

    It actually seems faster on mine.
  13. wisequark

    Hacking Leopard GUI

    That's coded in. You'd need to wait for someone to come up with a hack that works via Application Enhancer.
  14. wisequark

    Leopard = Vista?

    I wouldn't say that Leopard added lots of "readily available" technologies. The changes to spotlight, the addition of quickook, and the coming age of animated UIs are f'ing revolutions in this industry. Even the way that Time Machine works is a really innovative approach to backups.
  15. wisequark

    Leopard Gold Master in 5 days?

    Doubtful, traditionally you need to do a full install.