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German PC-Keyboard Layout for osX


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i just started searching google to get some of the special keys working with my osx86 and the connected cherry-pc-keyboard and even though i know how to get those keys printed out with osx natively, i'm still used to the pc-keyboard layout anyway. well, now my beloved de-DE-cherry g80-3000 keyboard works finally well and as expected.




there you go and i hope it serves others as well as it does for me.


one question still remains though: i don't feel like remapping command+q but i puke every time i close the application though i just wanted to get an @ out ;) is there any way that makes command+q behave as command+q only if i do it twice? that would save my ass quite a lot already...


--- edit ---


use double-command (google for it) to swap the alt+win keys on pc-keyboards. alt+q is then an '@' and you don't accidentally close applications anymore which then would be win+q.

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