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P5W DH Deluxe doesn't shut of properly (still power on)


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I wonder if anyone outhere might have a solution to my problem.

I've got a P5W DH Deluxe here (latest Beat-BIOS 2206) running uphuck 1.3 updated to 10.4.10.

(but I had the problem with all versions).

When I shut down my pc, it shuts down, but doen't power off.

(No problems shutting it down using vista).

I wonder if I should change any bios options, or is there a patch out?

Or any other suggestions?


Help is very much appreciated, thank you folks!

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hi! i've got Jas 10.4.9 Darwin 8.9.1 Kernel...

and my osx is working fine!!!




+ some kind of sleep bug (when i power on again, at fist i see my desktop, but my keyboard an my mouse have no power and then i see a "blue" screen with the waiting circle...this waiting circle never stops)


+ i can't get the 8197L Wlan working...


+ i can't get the asus remote woking...




my config:


P5WDH (Bios 2004)

2GB Ram (800MHZ)

250 GB SATA Hitachi

Msi 7900GTO-> flashed Quadro FX 5500


Jas 10.4.8 Install DVD + 10.4.9 Patch + 792.18.15-SSE3-netkas-64bitFix Kernel

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It's interesting- I have heard of P5W DH deluxes that do and some that don't have startup/shutdown problems.


Do any of you have sleep/wake issues?


samstre- I see that you do. Do you have any pci cards or usb devices plugged directly into the computer?

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