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  1. What do I need to do if my graphic card isn't iintegrated into the EFIStudio? I've got a 7900 GS EVGA.
  2. Nope, same problem, tried it with another keyboard, but the problem remains. Tried it even with a new motherboard (Gigabyte A-EP35-DS4 ) but still has problems when it wakes up. Could my graphic card be the problem? (Geforce 7900 GS)
  3. Thanks for that tip. I'll try it with anotherone.
  4. Yes, indeed. Why? (The latest metal usb)
  5. Could someone perhaps help me out: I have a problem with the sleep modus. Settings: pw5dh with BIOS 2704, setings as recommended in this thread. Graphics: Nvidia gf 7900 gs Boot123 from usbstick Everything works fine so far except the sleep modus. wehn my pc wakes up it tells my that I unplugged an device and my usb mouse doesn't work anymore. (rightclick works, but I can hardly move it). The mouse I am using is a Logitech mx1000. Do you have any ideas? Thanks for yur help guys!
  6. Thanks, I read your post and configured the BIOS as you told me, but somehow it didn't work either. So I searched and found the quoted posting. It seems to me, that enabling the "memory remap feature" did it. Is this possible? After all, Dune and Kaly, you did a really great job! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Christmas Present you gave to the community! Do you have a paypal account? I'd really like to spent you guys a beer, or wine, whatever you prefer ;-) Cheers!
  7. Meanwhile I disabled speedstep as well (BIOS) and installed it a 5 th time... This time I used the following options: (found here: http://forum.osx86scene.com/viewtopic.php?...p;sk=t&sd=a ) Now it is working :-) works for p5w dh deluxe!!! you must simply tweak your bios setting!! execute disable fonction on enable ! Max cpuid on enable ! hpet enable! memory remap feature on enable! microcode updation on enable! acpi 2 support on yes ! acpi apic support on enablr! voila! it' should work now!! with vanilla kernel!!
  8. Sorry, need some help here. Setting: (+ means enabled / - means disabled) Asus pw5dh deluxe All SATA are set to AHCI (ALPE and ASP +) Target HDD: Samsung 160 GB on SATA (3rd) CPU settings: Modify Ratio support - Microcode updation + Max CPUID Value Limit - Execute Disable Function - Enhanced C1 Control - CPU Internal Thermal Control Auto Intel Speedstep tech. + ... ACPI 2.0 + ACPI APIC support + ... Vista is installed on another disk (SATA 1st) I can easily boot the DVD and install. I formated the Targed disk, set up one partition (journaling enabled), set the type to GUID and chose the following options: vanila kernel + ACPI (NATIT_gfnvidia for my Geforce 9700) HDA_ALC882(pw5dh) Realtek_wifi BOOT_efi_guid Installtaion went fine so far, but when it comes to the very end, where it says remaining app. 1 minute (actually it says ungefaehr eine Minute) nothing happens anymore (with mbr), if I choose GUID, it hangs when it is fully installed, 2 seconds before it should reboot. So I installed it a 3rd time in GUID, but it rebooted, saying something with EFI, couldn`t read it completely, because it was very short to see. Then I run terminal and tryed to activate the EFI Partition, but I was not able to start OS X either. Any help is highly appreciated. Will be ack in 2 hours. Thank you very much, guys.
  9. I agree with netkas, as i started the thread, and my question was, if anyone knew anything about that release, I think it is of interest. Oh, just saw, what you wrote above. You got a point there as well.
  10. Bc-Girl's Mac OS X Install DVD Found on PB. Didn't find any information here. Does anyone of you know something about that release?
  11. digifreak

    iATKOS (Uphuck) Leo DVD Status

    Any news on this topic? uphuck.com seems to be down at the moment. BTW, where would we download this image, as demenoid is offline?
  12. Whereas 1.4ir2 worked , I too had no success with 1.4ir3. I couldn`t even install it. Why bother? I Installed uphuck 1.3 which works flawlessly.
  13. I wonder if anyone outhere might have a solution to my problem. I've got a P5W DH Deluxe here (latest Beat-BIOS 2206) running uphuck 1.3 updated to 10.4.10. (but I had the problem with all versions). When I shut down my pc, it shuts down, but doen't power off. (No problems shutting it down using vista). I wonder if I should change any bios options, or is there a patch out? Or any other suggestions? Help is very much appreciated, thank you folks!
  14. First you could try to just mount your partitions using diskutillitie. If that doesn't work out for you, you could try to copy your data onto another disk and reformate the disk using osx. Afterwards you copy your data back. If you`re using windows, it might be a good idea to not reformat the disk using osx (just delete the partition) and reformat the disk using windows.