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5 years ago I sold my machines(Yamaha RM1X,SU200,Korgs Electribes,...)

to switch onto computers.The fact was that I needed something more multi-functions...

I've been figthing with many windows XP crashes for all these years,

i realised then that it was time to find something more stable...

Im now double booting windows and osx.

Im trying Ableton live 6,

Native instruments Komplete 4,Gmedia imposcar and others(all universal binaries)

with my usb Lexicon Alpha everythings set correctly

I get an annoying crackle sound!

What about you guys?

Is there any solution?

Is it normal?

thanx for your help

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"Crackle sounds" are usually a problem related to the output memory buffer size that the system and your sound card need to handle the generation and output of audio. On a "low-latency" system, this buffer can be quite small provided both the card and the system can handle it, and this results in a playable time delay between Midi input and sound generation. If your system can't handle it, the sound card output buffer becomes empty before the computer can generate the next buffer chunck, and the result is sound breakup. aka "the cracklies".


See if you can increase the buffer size till it sounds ok. If it never does, then I'd say your sound card or its driver are at fault; see if there's a driver update. If it does but the time delay between MIDI input and playback is too long to play, then try an update as well. If you can't get low-latency, then I'd say the sound card and its drivers suck. Your system should be able to handle at least one virtual instrument smoothly.


I don't know that particular card, but personally I'm sold on good quality low-latency cards like the RME or Lynx ones. Yes they cost a lot but the investment pays off with long term quality support from the manufacturer.

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Well I've been looking more closely for reinstalling my sound card

and there was nothing to install it is plug and play

no drivers needed,then i went to application/utilities/audio-midi

and there that i could set more parameter...

no more crackle sound...


RME is nice but Im heading to get a MOTU ultra lite as i need

something more compact to play live...







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