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How I got my USB mouse (Logitech MX1000) and PS/2 keyboard (IBM Model


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Here's how I got my Logitech MX1000 (USB) mouse and my IBM Model M (PS/2) keyboard to work together, perfectly.


For the longest time, I was using a USB->PS/2 adapter to connect my mouse to my hackintosh, because connecting it to the USB port while the Model M was attached would cause both devices to not work in OS X.


As a result, it was impossible to configure the many buttons of the mouse -- every button would behave like a regular click. Tools like USB Overdrive and SteerMouse did not work, and the official Logitech control panel couldn't detect the mouse.


Here's how I fixed it:


a) Download and install the Logitech Control Center (v2.2.2 or later) from official site

:D Confirm that it does not detect your mouse, which is connected to a PS/2 port

c) In System Preferences/Accounts, set up automatic login

d) Reboot and disconnect the keyboard before OS X boots.

e) Wait for your desktop to load, play around with the mouse and check that it can be configured by LCC

f) With the system on, connect PS/2 keyboard. Keyboard doesn't work, mouse clicks don't register. Soft reset computer.

g) Enjoy fully functional.. everything!


As a note, I'm running 10.4.8 JaS on a SSE2 processor. Motherboard is K8N Neo Platinum. In the BIOS, I set USB keyboard and USB mouse to 'Disabled'

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Isn't it more easy to find PS/2-to-USB adapter for your keyboard and use overdrive-X for mouse, which outperform LCC functionality?

I always thought LCC was a piece of garbage.

I know that Logitech only technically supports some mice on OS X, but LCC actually prevented my other Logitech devices from working even as a standard mouse.

(I have a mouse and trackball connected at same time.)


In testing the one feature I wanted using LCC was only supported on the Windows version of the same mouse anyways, so back to USB Overdrive and works great.

(Steermouse is good too if you only have a single device.)

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