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PowerBook G4 12" 1.5Ghz Extremely Slow

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Since a few days i've got a serious performance problem on my PowerBook G4 12" 1.5Ghz (One of the latest 12" G4's made i think about end 2005).


Booting the computer takes about 5 times longer then before... Can't play a simple avi movie from my digicam (640x480 @ 30 fps), it plays about 1 frame a second. Starting up programs takes ages.... Viewing my photo's in iPhoto goes terrible...


It's almost like everything is in slow-motion.. And the PB is getting realy hot, and the fan is blowing all the time...



So here is what i already tried:


- Complete disk erease (including all partitions) from install disk and clean OS X install on 1 full disk size partition > no good

- Full software update to OS X 10.4.9 > no good

- Removed the 256MB Memory bank (so only the 256MB onboard was used) > no good

- Cleared NVRAM + PRAM > no good

- Cleared PMU (Power Management Unit) > no good



Apple hardwaretest from install disk tell's me everything is O.K.



I don't know if it's worth mentioning, but i installed Leopard about 5 weeks ago on a second partition. After that everything worked fine for those 5 weeks, altough i didn't use Leopard.



The problem appeared just at once: As if i hit "the slow-motion button" or something... I didn't do strange things on the PB, only viewing some photo's, some browsing with Firefox, some music in iTunes... I wasn't installing or hacking anything, so i've got no clue what it can be...


All help appreciated!! Tnx!!

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