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  1. Thanx for the sound tips! I'm going to try that later on today. Like you're all describing, it's only in a flash stream. iTunes/Quicktime player works great. Also other streams (Quicktime/WMV (With Flip4Mac)) within a website are working great. I'll try the sound solution first, but then I'll check the 10.5.4 framework in the 10.5.5 install. I'm not exactly sure what you're saying in the last part. What I did is: Install 10.5.4 and NVinject. Install 10.5.5 update. Install GFX Strings. On the site they said the setup would remove something because it should be incompatible:
  2. Using NVinstaller v.52 (checking Vanilla and 512MB during setup) for my ASUS GeForce 8600GS 512MB. Will try the reinstall in a few minutes... Don't kwow how to revert to 10.5.4 open gl framework!? I'm running dual boot (10.5.4 and 10.5.5) using Hatchery Clone Tool and OSX86 Tools to install bootloader after clone. So I can access/boot both of the installations to work on it. Whas just checking this out! Seems that's the problem! Going to try 9f23 Intel/ATI/Nvidia/OpenGL installer now... I'm using 9f33 release, but couldn't resist to try 9f23 driver mentioned... No luck: video hangs at grey bootscreen... Network shares are available, LogMeIn does not work... So I'm cloning back to 10.5.4 untill there is a better solution. Didn't select the EFI Studio during setup by the way, driver only.
  3. I did the update today. All looked to be working fine, until I wanted to play a YouTube movie. The flash window appears, the video starts playing. After a few seconds video freezes, progress bar freezes and buffer bar continues till the movie is fully loaded. When I place the progress indicator somewhere else it starts playing from that point and the same thing happens again after a few seconds. Happens both in Safari and Firefox. Tried reinstalling flash player from Adobe and rebooting severall times. Tried right clicking in the flash window > settings > disabled hardware acceleration. I read here the 10.5.5 update takes care of the overheating problems when playing flash movies on a Macbook, can this change have something to do with my problem? A flash animation like this without a video stream works perfectly smooth! Does anyone know, I'm considering switching back to my 10.5.4 backup... It's really annoying!
  4. New Search Platform

    Tried some searches the last few days, but somehow it never works when I'm online!? Or is this no coincidence? When I'm searching by member name it works, but a keyword only fails: There was an error processing the request. Please go back and try again, or contact an administrator for assistance. connection to unix:///var/socketproxy/insanelymac.com/searchd:0 failed (errno=2, msg=No such file or directory)
  5. How to create a backup of my OS X partition

    Works great! Only I was unable to select source and destination partitions (drop down lists where grayed out!?), but used Disk Utility to unmount partitions I didn't want to clone from/to untill Hatchery choose the right ones.
  6. Only two SATA channel working on P5K-SE?!

    Never mind, my mistake... Above link works. I used kexthelper to install the IOATAFamily.kext supplied by the link above, then removed AppleVIAATA.kext, then used kexthelper to reset extension cache. Works perfectly!
  7. I installed an extra SATA harddisk today, but it was not recognized... When I switched the cable with my SATA DVD burner, the burner is gone and I can see the disk. I tried this: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=88335 Also checked the BIOS, it's set to Enhanced Mode. No luck... My specs are in my signature. Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this? Thanks
  8. How to find or delete system/hidden file

    Solution: 1 Mounted the disk image using Parallels image mounter (so without starting de VM) by right clicking the .pvf file from your VM and chose open with... 2 From finder hit Go > Go to folder 3 Right click a file in the trash and type over the full location of the file so you can open the folder 4 Star Terminal and type "rm -rf " (notice the space after -rf) 5 Select all the files from the folder you just opened and drag them in to the Terminal window 6 Hit enter The files are still there, but all Zero KB. So I guess some disk repair or rebooting/mounting will fix that!
  9. I have some files in my trash I can't remove... Tried dragging them in to BatChmod and set all permissions, no luck... How can I get to the file to remove them manualy? This is one of the files: /private/tmp/1621/C/.Trashes/501/index.html (location when clicking Get Info from the file in the trash) Where is the folder 'private' located?? When I quit Parallels (and the Windows partition unmounts) the files disappear, so meaby they are on the Windows disk?? Please help!!!
  10. How to create a backup of my OS X partition

    Going to try that for a partition only (cloning 500GB is a bit to much and I don't have an external disk of that size...)! I found the OSX86 Tools, where can I find Hatchery?? Thanks!
  11. Okay, I've got my OS X 10.5.4 running perfect now. All hardware, drivers ans software are running fine. So how can I best make a backup of my OS X partition, that I can simply restore (with some sort of boot CD or whatever) in case of, for example, in the future updating to 10.5.5 fails. Or installing new drivers locks up my system on boot, etc, etc... Any ideas?? PS I tried a Norton Ghost image and a Disk Utility image in the past, but wasn't successful with it... Had to do the whole reinstall from the beginning :-(
  12. Best MacBook 13" to buy

    I want a small laptop.. if there was a Macbook Pro 13" I would buy it. I'm using a Powerbook 12" now... So, since I want a small one, I will need a Macbook... But I don't have the money for a new one... So I've to get a used one... And thats definitly not going to be a first generation! How many generations are there anyway?
  13. I'm intending to buy a used MacBook 13". I don't realy care about the specs. 1,83 or 2,0 is both fine and memory is something I can upgrade... But... What's bothering me more is that I've heard some people say that the first generation Macbooks have some problems. Mostly heat problems... I could use some advise wich models not to buy.. Or other problems that can occur.. Maybe someone knows modelnumbers, serialnumbers or production dates for the models I should NOT buy. Or just the one's I should buy... Any help appreciated! Tnx!
  14. Hi, Since a few days i've got a serious performance problem on my PowerBook G4 12" 1.5Ghz (One of the latest 12" G4's made i think about end 2005). Booting the computer takes about 5 times longer then before... Can't play a simple avi movie from my digicam (640x480 @ 30 fps), it plays about 1 frame a second. Starting up programs takes ages.... Viewing my photo's in iPhoto goes terrible... It's almost like everything is in slow-motion.. And the PB is getting realy hot, and the fan is blowing all the time... So here is what i already tried: - Complete disk erease (including all partitions) from install disk and clean OS X install on 1 full disk size partition > no good - Full software update to OS X 10.4.9 > no good - Removed the 256MB Memory bank (so only the 256MB onboard was used) > no good - Cleared NVRAM + PRAM > no good - Cleared PMU (Power Management Unit) > no good Apple hardwaretest from install disk tell's me everything is O.K. I don't know if it's worth mentioning, but i installed Leopard about 5 weeks ago on a second partition. After that everything worked fine for those 5 weeks, altough i didn't use Leopard. The problem appeared just at once: As if i hit "the slow-motion button" or something... I didn't do strange things on the PB, only viewing some photo's, some browsing with Firefox, some music in iTunes... I wasn't installing or hacking anything, so i've got no clue what it can be... All help appreciated!! Tnx!!