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Why my DVD Writer So Slow?

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Please clear up the question a bit:


1. You cant select more than 3x in the burn speed menü (Toast, other Tools)




2. YOu can select eg 8*,12*, ... but the Burn Util shows 3* at burntime (Toast shows that in realtime).



IF Nr. 1 is your problem : The firmware of the Drive didnt know that DVD and so alls Burn Tools must use

slower/safe burnrate.

Try to update your DVD burner firmware or use other DVD.

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I've got a similar problem, got a sony burner that starts off at the right speed, be it 8x or 16x but slowly drops down to one speed. It's as if it can't maintain the correct speed. Anyone else got something similar?


Asrock 4coredual vsta c2d 6300

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Check you have the latest firmware for your BenQ DW1640.


Test the BenQ in a Windows installation with the same media you are trying to use in OS X; if it burns at 8x/12x/whatever OK then you know the hassle is OSX-specific.


If in Windows it burns your media at approx 2.4x [specifically with + format media], change to a known-good brand [Verbatim/Taiyo Yuden] & try again.


If it works OK in Windows with your media then the OSX issue is *probably* due to to the iffy hacked NFORCE chipset drivers - you could make absolutely sure by putting the thing in an external Prolific-chipset enclosure & seeing whether it worked via USB2 [up to 12x] or firewire400 [up to 16x].


The Pioneer DVR-111 is generally felt to be the most-compatible fairly recent DVD burner for use in OSX - it is not in fact particularly good burner; but Apple use 'em so the thing works very well [= quietly] for CD/DVD playback.

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